22 June 2014

Pro-Assad Syrian Hackers Take-Over Reuters Website, Post Anti-British-Press Message

Was just this morning checking the story on the South Korean soldier who went bezerk and shot five of his fellow troops yesterday, and upon arriving at the specific Reuters article page, was promptly diverted to the screen above. 

The URL they sent me to was 'http://sea.sy/indexs/', and is obviously aimed at Nmr 10 Downing as well as the UK press in-general.

No small task, hacking reuters, tho- rather impressive, and quite coincidentally comes the day after I was reading a piece about the original news report hacker, Chicago's own version of Max Headroom.

But the thing is, the crime is not that all that unsettling, and I'm beginning to feel sympathetic: after seeing what ISIS has to offer the world, one might prefer that Assad remains in power- syriously