28 July 2014

BOLTON: Obama Worst National Security President
'in US History'; Anti-Israeli World Opinion
'Can Take a Flying Leap'

Former UN Ambassador Bolton laid it out in his most recent
PAC-fundraising letter:

  • Barack Obama is the worst president with regard to national security in U.S. history. From Benghazi to Beijing, this man is a true national security disaster.
  • He views crises like the destruction of Malaysian Airline flight 17 over the Ukraine like a college professor: through the confining prism of legal procedures and restraints – that is, something akin to a homicide crime scene investigation. 
  • Well, let me be clear about another thing: I'm not interested in playing crime scene investigator with our national security. I care about restoring a strong Reaganite foreign policy that puts out national security first, takes the fight to our terrorist enemies, and broadcasts a crystal clear message to Russia and China that belligerence will no longer be tolerated. 
  • I created John Bolton PAC for one purpose – to hold our leaders accountable when it comes to national security. And that includes the multiple, massive foreign policy failures of Barack Obama. 
And as for the medieval savages of Hamas, they and uniformed 'world opinion' can 'go take a flying leap'...