28 July 2014

Rare Historical Photos

London Underground, 1890

Goodyear illuminated tires on '64 Chrysler New Yorker (1964)

Pre-radar Japanese airplane directional detection system, 1920s

Bingham Copper Mine, Utah 1942

World's First nuclear missile -the Redstone-
on display in NYC's Grand Central Station, 1957

Billy Beer ad, 1977

Old wooden house, Houston TX, 1943

Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio - 1927

The first human x-ray taken by 
Wilhelm Roentgen in 1896: his wife's hand

Chicago & North Western Railway station 
at Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1880)

Dehydrated space foods for Gemini mission, 1963

Smuggling beer during prohibition

The Statue of Liberty's torch parked in front of
Manhattan's Madison Square in 1876

Burning Beatles records in Alabama, 1966

Great Alaskan Earthquake of 1964

Ansel Adams, 1979. He broke his nose during the 
1906 San Francisco earthquake and never had it fixed.

Grocery store, Lincoln NB, 1942