25 July 2014

Hamas is Getting Trounced

Reports out of Gaza have the IDF finding a surprising level of sophistication and breadth of scale in the Hamas tunnel network... besides getting them under the border for rocket launches against Israeli territory, the system connected the mosques, schools, and such that the terror-government uses to shuttle around weapons, terrorists, and supplies...

Alas, the Israeli Defense Force is proving a bit too much for these Jihadi boneheads to deal with on the battlefield: Hamas morale is reportedly already in the toilet, and recent raids find no terrorist/fighters left attempting to hold the position... they leave their weapons behind now, like a militia in utter collapse.

Not only is the population left wondering why the Hamas they elected to run the Gaza Strip  brought all this death and destruction upon them for no gain whatsoever... it now seems the Hamas forces -100,000 strong when this all began- are turning-tail and running as the long, long overdue Israeli ground offensive takes them out piecemeal..

It always seemed plenty obvious to me, that if the IDF ever really let loose on them -and forgot what the uninformed of the world had to say- thus invaded the Gaza Strip, Hamas could be destroyed completely in a fairly brief amount of time be- so here we are.

And this could be the best thing that ever happened to that dusty, overcrowded dump...

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