26 July 2014

Right-Wing Extremists!

Obama Weekly Address: Companies Which Flee High Taxes Are Un-patriotic
-Pirate's Cove

FIFA Not Backing Down from Awarding 2018 World Cup to Bellicose Russia
-I'm a Man, I'm 41

Average Gazan Makes $2,900 Per Year – While Hamas Leader Is Billionaire… In Qatar -Gateway Pundit

Obama Greeted With Guffaws in Silicon Valley -Moonbattery

iPhone 6 Will Feature Sapphire Screen- and "Sapphire" Isn't a Brand Name. I Mean Actual Sapphire -Ace of Spades

Five Fatal Flaws of Solar Energy  -American Thinker

Top 10 things that will happen if Israel allows itself to win in Gaza  -Doug Ross

VIDEO: Troy Gowdy Eats IRS Commissioner's Lunch...  -Ed Driscoll

Blogging Magazine #148  -GoodStuff

Retired Border Control Officer tells the truth about asymmetric warfare
(a must-see video)
  -Adrienne's Corner

When Comedy Was Funny! -Woodsterman

Proof's 'Vintage Babe of the Week' is Mariette Hartley... -Proof Positive

Good Freaking Grief! Is Scarborough really this ignorant about guns, self-defense and the Constitution? -Daley Gator

Still fighting: The Delphi workers Obama robbed -Michelle Malkin

Jon Voight Slams Obama, Kerry At Pro-Israel Rally -Weasel Zippers

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