15 July 2014

Schmucky Schumer Hated Hillary SO Much He Quietly Coached Her REPUBLICAN Senate Opponent in 2000

Senator Schumer

Wellyet another Clinton White House expose has hit the stands, and this one not only further betrays their disingenuous and calculating nature, but makes clear that Hillary had powerful enemies within the Democratic party 
long before the Obama wing ever raised it's (horned) head...

One person described as not keen on the idea of Clinton joining the Senate is Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), who was so fearful of being up-staged he coached Rep. Rick Lazio (R-LI), Clinton’s eventual Republican opponent, on his 2000 campaign, according to Lazio.

“I thought he was generally . . . he was supportive,” Lazio said of Schumer. “Quite helpful to me behind the scenes and encouraging.”

No, Senator Schumer is not the first Hillary-Hater... Dick Morris has been at it for years, actually made it into an art form. And while I am not much of a fan of his (wildly inaccurate) political predictions, nobody truly detests Hillary like that ole toe-sucker.

Today, Hillary-hatin' has moved far-on beyond the pioneering efforts of Schumer and Morris: in the wake of her MAJOR literary face-plant
-and Benghazi (+ myriad other ongoing foreign-policy disasters) refusing
to go away- Hillary's about as popular with fellow Democrats as The Plague... for her, the timing couldn't be worse.

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