15 July 2014

I Hope Bibi Turns Gaza Into a Ditch

Of course it's a shame for civilians, alas they've become all but indistinguishable from actual Hamas members after mass brainwashing
of the territory's youth, who are considered military assets...

And it's those same ordinary Gazans that democratically elected violent Islamists (w/ a charter sworn to destroy Israel) to be their leaders in the first place- so you could say they have it coming..

Yeah, that's a bit harsh, and actually some in Gaza are also blaming Hamas for recent escalations, asking why they brought this retaliation/pending invasion upon them, and what exactly did they expect to gain from starting a battle they can't win while depleting precious weapons stocks.

But you can't un-bake a pita, and unless they'd like to belatedly rise-up and disarm Hamas -which rules with an iron fist- the general population of Gaza have put all their people in a real bad situation by saddling themselves with a reckless mini-regime that fires rockets into Israel from their residential neighborhoods .

As is so often the case with Muslim kooks, Hamas lacks situational awareness, and has overplayed it's hand: the terrorist organization is seen by Egypt's el-Sisi regime for what it is, a product of the Muslim Brotherhood for whom they will never shed a tear. Cairo has already closed/destroyed most Gaza-Sanai tunnels, while relations with Israel have 'never been better'--
so no help there.

Hamas also sided with the wrong side in the Syrian civil war, losing former sponsor/ally Bashir Assad (AND Hezbollah) in the process. Isolated and militarily/diplomatically stupid, Hamas has wasted every single opportunity it ever had -including a sympathetic US president- to fix Gaza in any way, instead pissing-away lives and foreign aid $ on futile rocket offensives against armed-to-the-teeth Israel.

After pushing their luck by firing upon the Israeli nuclear reactor in the Negev, justification for a full-scale invasion of Gaza has been amply provided, and the moment has arrived for Israel to confine these vile terrorist scum to the dustbin of history.

Go get 'em, Bibi-


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