07 August 2014

Breathtaking Aerial Photography

Fort Bourtange, Netherlands

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Central Park, Manhattan NYC

100s of coal train cars are seen on the tracks in Norfolk, Virginia

Lake Natron, Tanzania: high evaporation rates lead to high saline content,
which encourages salt-loving micro-organisms to thrive, including the
this unusual red-colored material one uses to produce it's own food via a
kind of bacterial photosynthesis (note photo plane's shadow on surface).


Male, the capital of the Maldives

Flotilla of 94 boats sails out of Sydney Harbour

Burning Man parking plan (Nevada)

Flower fields near Carlsbad, California

Mexico City

Glacial river, Iceland

Koln (Cologne), Germany after being pounded to
smithereens by Allied bombing raids- 1945

Cape Town, South Africa

Can you imagine the smell: 2M+ pilgrims occupy tent city @ Mecca every year

Dolomieu crater on the French island of Le RĂ©union.

Lava flow from that same volcano devours a forest on Le RĂ©union,
this one has been erupting regularly since 2006


Master-planned subdivisions outside Copenhagen, Denmark

Hong Kong

Jeju Island, South Korea

The Grand Canyon from outer-space

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