12 August 2014

Rare/Unusual Historical Photographs

Everybody had to wait for gas in '73

World's first test of a thermonuclear weapon -Ivy Mike- on Oct 31, 1952

Sailors enjoy the view as Brigitte Bardot relaxes at Cannes - 1950s

Hong Kong, cca 1940

F-22 Raptor breaks vapor pocket at 2009 Miramar Air Show

Vending machine sold pre-ignited cigarettes for one cent in England, 1931

Tripoli Grand Prix, Italian Libya - 1938

Times Square, NYC - 1972

Battle front on the Somme, WWI

Packard's Last Gasp: 1957 Packard Predictor concept car

Croatian President Tujman savors victory in Operation Storm,
the largest European land offensive since WWII - 1995

American Indian couple, 1912.

Schwinn streamlined bicycle, 1954

Napalm strike photographed from fighter cockpit, Vietnam - 1963

Italian heavy artillery, 1918

Einstein's office at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton NJ,
 photographed on the day of his death - April 18, 1955

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