12 August 2014

Actor Robin Williams Dead of Apparent Suicide

Another miserable Hollywood liberal cashes his chips...

Williams (63) was found by Marin County (CA) Sheriffs late yesterday morning, 'unconscious and not breathing'- he was pronounced dead the minute the emergency crews arrived, 12:02 PM.

He was born in Chicago and raised just outside Detroit- not hard to see how he developed a cynical sense of humor at an early age. But Robin Williams had always suffered from severe depression,  alcohol, and drug issues- he shook the drugs and booze, but not the serious mental flaws (Obama poll #s couldn't have helped).

In his last and final Twitter positing July 31, Williams had wished his daughter Zelda a happy 25th birthday. Late on Monday, Zelda wrote on Twitter: "I love you. I miss you. I'll try to keep looking up." He was last seen alive c/a 10 PM Sunday night.

Sadly, Williams and Jim Carrey always reminded me of one another- the goofy, attention-addicted sad clown who has trouble dealing with a blessed, successful life... thus, who leans to the left politically, as to feel just a bit better about themselves.  

Didn't work in this case, apparently.

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