06 September 2014

It's All Going-Down JUST LIKE We Toldja it Would

NY Times: Say, Good Paying Jobs Are Missing In The Obameconomy
-Pirate's Cove

Spread of Ebola Accelerating...  -Doug Ross

Chutzpah And Hustle: What Joan Rivers Can Teach Us  
-Matt Lewis @ Daily Caller

A BIG Pair: Mexican President Calls for US Immigration Reform (!)  -Ol' Broad

Obama IRS Mysteriously Loses Emails for Five More Workers
Under Investigation
 -Gateway Pundit

154th Blogging Magazine  -Goodstuff

Somebody tell these State Department spokesidiots that Bill O’Reilly is a member of ISIS so they’ll finally act pissed  -ThePowersThatBe

Where in the world is jihad pilot Adnan Shukrijumah?  -Michelle Malkin

GAME OVER: Over a Doen Witnesses Confirm (Ferguson) Cop's Self-Defense Story  -Pat Dollard

Joan Rivers: Like her or not, you'll have to admit..  -Adrienne's Corner

DNA Test Not Necessary...  -Woodsterman

Retro Beauty: Yvette Duguay  -Proof Positive

ISIS and Drug Cartels That Freely Cross Our Border Are Making Friends  

New Benghazi Whistleblowers Reveal Being Told to Stand Down 3 Times Cost Amb. Stevens’ Life  -TeaParty.org

Wendy Davis had TWO Abortions...  -Weasel Zippers

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