05 September 2014

Shrill Russian Propaganda, 2014 (gallery)

Just a side note to gay Obama supporters-
didja ever notice how Dear Leader has consistently 
appeased the most enthusiastically anti-gay regimes 
on the planet for over 6 years now...? 

Kremlin now forcing Russian media to exclusively
portray homosexuals as 'perverts/deviants'

This emanates from a professionally-produced
anti-gay propaganda video somebody made/posted
to YouTube in Russian, (since pulled)

Demonstration against gay-rights-demonstrations

Kremlin-approved street art in Moscow

This one's a gem: the poor, defenseless Russian damsel appears pregnant
(with Novorossiya) -as Bandera glowers at her from Kiev

'March 16, we decide!' Go Russian or go Nazi?
Kremlin cooked up these outrageous billboards in Crimea
prior to the sham annexation vote- nuance/subtlety
apparently not considered effective over there

more of the same

Recruitment poster in the 'Donetsk People's Republic'
glorified the legend of Strelkov ('The Shooter')- until the big dummy
shot down a civilian airliner, bragged about it on twitter,
then subsequently resigned and *poof* disappeared from sight.

Radical expansionist Russian kooks just loved the guy-
but Strelkov often complained of lack of local support and
ended up getting his ass handed to him by the Ukrainian Army

Most of the other propaganda in the DPR has been looking 

like something straight-out of the The Great War...

The latest grand iteration of 'pro-Russian rebels' in eastern Ukraine
is now 'New Russia'- and it's glorious symbol above features
a ribbon in Russian colors stretching far-off into the horizon...
+ St George ribbon/flag (some liken this to the American
CSA Confederate bars-n-stars, but various renditions of this
St Geo flag have been utilized by the Russians for ages).

This guy works at the Slovak embassy in Moscow:

There's no getting away from it

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