23 October 2014

Any GOP 'Landslide' Surely NOT an Endorsement of Boehner, but Rather a Sharp Repudiation
of the Regime He's Been Enabling

Republican 'leadership' has never delivered ANYthing since the Tea Party right put them in power four years ago, and Boehner himself has been so ineffective as an 'opposition' figure, many have wondered aloud whether the White House is blackmailing him...

The Speaker has spoken a good game -pretending to be angry with Obama, even orchestrated a charade of suing the president- but no matter what kind of act he's tried to put on for conservatives, he and other RINOs like him have openly attempted to 'destroy' the Tea Party right while refusing to utilize congressional power-of-the-purse to confront the reckless 'progressive' agenda.

And while normal Americans who elected them in 2010 were screaming for the feckless GOP to put an end to Obama's ongoing date-rape of America, John Boehner was chumming it up with Dear Leader while bragging -once he has a couple drinks in him- about how he's 'Obama's best friend'.

He and Musty Mitch are not the guys to be running the new anti-Obama, pro-liberty, pro-free-market, and pro-small-government Republican majorities on Capitol Hill- nobody's voting Republican to get more of the same crap we've been getting force-fed since 2008.

Instead, we are pleading, -nay- demanding they deliver some semblance of the sane, proud, secure, and productive Reagan era. We want Obamacare gutted/defunded too... and since the House was handed to Boehner a long time ago -and all we got since then was lame excuses- nobody with any sense would expect Agent Orange deliver this time, either.

With this midterm election looking good for the Republican Party, maybe it's already time to be turning our guns on the feckless losers that have run it into the ground for years now. 

IMHO, we need new House leadership come January, and subsequently conservatives need to prepare for battle with ossified GOP establishment figures over the 2016 presidential nomination of Ted Cruz: for all their ineptitudes, they are also ruthless scumbags who will do anything to derail a constitutionally-consevative Reaganite candidate. 

But Senator Cruz is not only a genuine Reaganite, he's also up for that fight.

Are you?