23 October 2014

Jaw-Dropping Level of 'Progressive' Voter Fraud
Already Everywhere You Look

  • For all those -like myself- who figured Obama was only flooding us with illegals so as to later register them as lifelong Democrats, SURPRISE: it's here now, as illegal immigrants present on nation's soil for dubious reasons have been already automatically added to voter registration lists in North Carolina through Obama's 'Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals' program.
  • Republicans voting in hyper-corrupt Illinois have seen machines switch their vote to the Democrat- it even happened to GOP state Senate candidate James Moynihan (!)
  • Some clown in a left-wing activist T-shirt was caught stuffing ballot boxes in Arizona- on tape, and subsequently all over YouTube as well.
  • Now James O'Keefe has struck again with a video of Colorado Senator Mark Udall's SuperPAC-funded campaign-workers casually advocating voter fraud... perhaps this needs to be made an example of, we're talking about a very thin layer of separation between Udall and those endorsing serial commitment of felonies, just so long as it may help the incumbent Dem out in some small way (who's trailing the Republican challenger at this time):

The sad fact is, liberal billionaires have created a voter fraud Frankenstein in this country... one that's had honest Americans back-on-our-heels for quite some time now. I pray that the obvious groundswell of opposition to this vile regime will be able to overcome this November 4th, and as for the fraudsters... may justice prevail (someday).

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