22 October 2014

Delighting in U.S. Leadership Void, Castro Regime
Rounds-Up Record # of Political Prisoners in 2014

What happened to Raul Castro's 'reforms'?

Watchdog/advocacy group 'The Cuban Commission for Human Rights" (CCHR) has now documented over 8000 political arrests -that we know of-
by the vile Castro regime this year, already beating last year's (2013) tally of 6424 hapless souls thrown in filthy Cuban prisons to slave, starve, and die.

10,000 new prisoners is well within the realm of possibility now, trouncing previous records of 2074 political arrests in 2010, 4123 arrests in 2011, and 6602 in

So there's no denying that the year 2014 -under the leadership of 'reformer' Raul Castro- has brought the harshest Stalinist repression in the history of an already-very-repressive-country.

Do keep in mind that these numbers merely represent political arrests that have been thoroughly documented...  untold others are suspected. 

And with Obama asleep-at-the-wheel and Europeans spending big money at Cuba's lucrative government-owned resorts- there is basically no righteous pressure on the Castros whatsoever...

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