09 October 2014

Benghazi Consulate Survivor: White House 'LYING', 'Intentionally Misleading', and 'Covering-Up'-
'Don't Know What Else You Could Call It'

Seems Leon Panetta is already getting trashed by the left -of course- for attempting to come-clean and salvage his own personal legacy now that walls have come crashing-in on the serially incompetent, habitually dishonest, and always on-borrowed-time Obama regime...

But his own mild truth telling (why didn't he speak up when it still mattered?)
is cracking open the floodgates of reality now, and regardless of any intimidation/threats, survivors will surely begin to speak-out more on what really happened in the 9/11 Benghazi consulate attack.

The stories they tell will likely bear little in common with the contemptuous horseshit we've been getting from Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and other Obama regime criminals. 

While Panetta is walking a fine line as he scoots-on-over the 'Hillary' side, survivors of that terrorist attack might not be quite so diplomatic about it.

Last night on Hannity was perhaps Exhibit A- where we had CIA security contractors Kris 'Tanto' Paronto and Mark 'Oz' Geist elaborating on what they've already said to Brent Baer over the weekend on Fox, and to a congressional committee in private: 
  • Obama WH propagandists concocted the entire cover-up story, they've continued to intentionally lie about it ever since, and have gone to great lengths to silence those who were there.
  • There is no other explanation, it's blatant misleading
  • I've said it a million times, 'why are they lying about
    what happened that night?'
  • We knew the truth, and had passed it on to our superiors
    at that time as well
  • Like Leon Panetta said, you don't bring rocket launchers to
    a street demonstration
  • As discussed on a Fox special last weekend, WH stand-down orders froze any local response to the crisis with what we did
    have available... and zero US military
     support forthcoming
  • 'It's disgusting' that families of those killed weren't told the truth-
    if we'd have known that earlier, we would have gone
    to them ourselves'.
  • Asked by Hannity 'Is the government lying', both men retorted: 'How much more do you need?' 'It would take a blind and deaf man not to see it', and 'If you need more (evidence), we'll keep bringing it...'

Like Roger Simon said almost two years ago- 

'Benedict Arnold was a piker compared to Obama!'

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