09 October 2014

OK, Not True... but WHY Not?

An email has been making the rounds for at least 3-4 years which claims the world's best airport security team at Ben Gurion, Israel has deployed a next generation 'simple solution' for a complex problem...

Namely, a special bomb-proof security booth that requires passengers to enter with sealed-doors behind them, as an electronic device detonates any explosives they may have on their person (better hope you left that
Bic lighter in the tray!).

And although some seemed to have bought into it, the truth is that the story was long-ago disproven -if Snopes is to be believed, anyway.

I've never travelled to Israel -although was planning to prior to the latest outbreak of war- so I cannot bear witness myself, and no evidence seems to prove it's existence that I can find.

BUT... why not?  How else are we going to find bombs of the future, like Semtex or other plastic explosives surgically installed inside a suicide bomber's craven, evil belly?

Mandatory naked colonics/exploratory at massive airport clinics? Full MRI body-scans for every passenger would be the only practical solution I can imagine would ever possibly work, yet at this time requires prohibitive time and expense.

The booth seems a sensible enough solution to me... kill two birds with one stone, you got to love the efficiency AND deterrent effect, particularly if we are wise enough to include pig fat in auto-cleaning mechanism's detergent, and mandate that only female TSA agents operate the control panel.

Perhaps a commercial-size garbage disposal at the bottom of the drainage tray could handle any residual terrorist matter... call it the 'AMF' booth.

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