27 October 2014

Canadian Soldier Ambushed by Islamic Kook Held EMPTY Gun Because Guarding Monuments
is Deemed Purely 'Ceremonial'

Nathan Cirillo -with empty gun- just 12 minutes before being shot

When I first heard of Nathan Cirillo being shot at Ottowa's unknown-soldier monument, I just assumed he never saw it coming and couldn't resist simply due to the element of surprise...

Then I heard on Fox yesterday that he was 'unarmed because the posting was ceremonial'... really? Turns out the gun slung-over his shoulder wasn't even loaded.

Anybody out there know if our monument guards are armed with live ammo here in the US? After a bit of research, I've yet to find the answer.

If not, seems insane- such a public target, just a sitting duck standing there on a busy public street as a representative of all the ISIS-sympathizing maniacs hate.

Maybe somebody should have seen this coming up there, esp. in a place like Canada with THE highest immigration rate on the planet (and Muslims coming out the wazoo in most urban centers).

It was bad enough watching unarmed US warriors getting mowed-down while unarmed on-base at Fort Hood, etc... but a guy in full dress uniform standing guarding a military monument sure ought to be ready to defend themselves these days, doncha think?

It is really quite negligent to leave him exposed like that, how do you guard anything -even symbolically- without a real, live gun on you, anyway?

Next we need to take a hard look at all our military bases... why on Earth are our people in uniform being kept from protecting themselves, I'd sure like to know- there is ZERO reason to allow Fort Hoods to happen again: as is so often the case these days, the answer is plenty simple, just not one the left can learn to accept.

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