28 October 2014

RePri Attempts Reach-Out to Conservatives:
'If We Win the Senate,
We WILL Stop Amnesty'

Sadly, he also suggests that blanket opposition to large-scale 
guest-worker programs is 'getting into the weeds'...

Anybody in our party talk about growth and 
creation of wealth anymore? 

Shining City on a Hill? Or is that too corny in 2014?

Somehow instead we're always tangled-up with the left's agenda one way or another -back on our heels all the time while being painted as Satan by our opponents and the media for daring to oppose their inspired, visionary guidance. 

As always with communists, socialists, and other sordid creatures of the left, everything comes down to a zero-sum game as elements of society are pitted against one another and we are reduced to fighting-over-the-scraps 
(of an ever-shrinking pie).

Today's the same with the tiresome 'immigration debate', except this time we have to fight with zillions of foreigners and major elements of our own party
-along with the entire American left- for what remains of this battered country.

Instead of a US of A where we all build a financially-bountiful, harmonious, positive society together -like, say the 1980s, eight of the best years we've ever seen- nowadays we are too often played against one another by scheming 'progressives' while normal Americans have to BEG the Obama regime to protect our borders/country, enforce existing laws, not release dangerous felons for no real reason, etc. For that, they want to kill us.

But WHY should an American economy with precious little new-business creation, record-low labor participation, and a 50%-ish youth unemployment rate in many urban areas import low-skill workers of any sort? 

We SO clearly don't need them (for anything other than lifelong

Considering how we've been lied to on this issue in the past -and as
Tip O'Neill deceived Reagan too- forgive us for demanding that enforcement of current laws and securing of the wild-n-wide-open US border be made prerequisites of any broad reforms going-forward... I guess we're just racist or something.

And can someone please tell me why the US Chamber of Commerce thinks getting on-board with the left/Obama re. massive Green Card handouts is going to aid their businesses bottom-line? Don't they have any clue that the same open-borders left they're collaborating with want them to be paid $15 min. wage with free Obamacare ASAP anyway?

Not that I'm not glad to hear most of what Priebus said to the Tea Party yesterday -and yeah, he made all the right noises on securing border, etc.

But the RNC's got a lot of baggage -and credibility approaching zero-
on this issue. Just six months ago they were talking-up amnesty while demonizing opponents (that's us).

Being an optimist who believes in redemption, I sure would like to think the GOP old-guard is starting to see the light on the immigration issue- it's not hard to make an argument that Obama's threatened executive action on amnesty is what's driving this election toward the Republicans. How long can the Chamber/old-guard fight that? Our new, emerging majorities on the Hill will likely be won on this very issue.

btw, principled opposition to big guest-worker programs/green card giveaways aren't out in the weeds, Mr Priebus- and anybody who thinks they can roll-over the Tea Party with some form of stealth amnesty next February must be smoking them.

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