21 October 2014

Hyper-Liberal Daily Kos:
'Obvious' that 'Republicans are Going to Win
-and They're Going to Win BIG'

+50 GOP seats in the House - 'Armageddon' in the Senate

A demoralized contributor to the Daily Kos has laid-out the cold, hard truth for any residual hopenchangey-types out there harboring dreams of Obama's ceaseless fundraising somehow riding in and saving-the-day... 

That ain't gonna happen: rather, expect for the Democratic party -decimated perhaps now for years by the failed/nutty Obama agenda- to get their asses kicked all up-and-down the field in midterms just two weeks from today.

And the wiser minds on the other side have sussed this by now-
Dear Leader's approval is bouncing on a floor of all-time-lows,
disillusioned Americans are walking out on his droning, hollow speeches,
and Dems attempting to compete in various races around the country feel like they're running with a ball-and-chain on both ankles:

With news of Ebola, ISIS, and a plunging stock market hitting the airwaves in recent months, the obvious has become clear to me:
The Republicans are going to win, and they are going to win big.

Democrats, resting upon the laurels of their 2012 victories -largely fuelled by young women who care more about sex and contraception than they do about anything else- have shown sheer incompetence in their handling of these crises, and the American public is smelling the proverbial rat in the basement. 

Accordingly, Democratic numbers have tanked in recent weeks...

More specifically, they see the 'dead' GOP taking all 22 Senate races and all 23 gubernatorial races, while gaining 50+ seats in the US House of Reps. Expect 'gains rivaling 2010' that 'could carry-on into 2016'. 

All this is blamed on 'sheer incompetencies' running 'all the way up to the top of our Democratic-controlled government'. Oh my.

Keep in mind, all this lefty gloom-and-doom coming from a 'respected'
and 'influential' liberal site...