14 October 2014

List of Nasty Things Our Radical, Squirelly President is Going to Spring on You After the Election:

  • Eric Holder replacement: far-left crackpot Tom Perez rumored to be even more radical than Black Panthers 5th-columnist Holder... can you imagine?

  • 'HUGE' blanket executive amnesty: Expect Harry Reid to order a vote on a broad amnesty in lame-duck sessions, and failing that, he'll suggest we all just lay-down at the feet of Dear Leader as he rams a even-more radical Executive Order amnesty down our throats. 

  • Obamacare's Healthcare.gov online pricing: Healthcare.gov will not include 2015 pricing numbers until mid-November. The open enrollment period for 2015 runs from 11.15.2014 - 2.15.2015, so apparently the info is only available for now on a 'need to know' basis- and you plebes on the cusp of being forced onto government exchanges don't need to know shit.

    Some suspect the delay may have something to do with the likelihood that Obamacare rates will increase. i.e. 'In some cases, these increases are going to be huge...
    (Downtrend’s Joseph R. Carducci)

  • Obamacare-forced cancellation of 'unapproved' insurance plans: This last spring, Obama extended -by Executive Order, of course- the tolerance of insurance plans that do not fit Obamacare's Byzantine guidelines... until just after the mid-term elections, anyway. Soon after you get hit with cancellation, you'll be able to go check out the new towering rate increases at Healthcare.gov- how fun!

  • Effective action on ISIS: despite a situation -and Pentagon- howling for ground troops or at least an actual plan of action, the clueless Obama regime is just putzing around over there and will engage in no effective resistance against these blood-drunk maniacs until after the election- if ever. 

    The true shame lies in the White House's motivation-
    purely political, and of course all intended to cover-up another, earlier politically-driven disaster, the original hare-brained idea to withdraw from Iraq rapidly in the first place
    (which Obama now astonishingly
    blames on others).

  • Results of Bo Bergdahl investigation: The Army has completed its investigation of possible desertion by the kinda-strange-guy Obama got in a lopsided trade that freed five of the most dangerous jihadis on the planet. But we're told the review process will 'be lengthy', conveniently delaying all findings
    (which could turn out to be an unmitigated catastrophe for the lawless, habitually-dishonest White House) until -you guessed it-
    after the election.

Is this list comprehensive? Hardly- rather, expect anything-and-everything from this nuttier-than-a-Snickers-bar, America-hating, leftist freak over the next two years: if you think he didn't give a damn about actual results (or what normal people think about anything) before- you ain't seen nothin yet!