13 October 2014

Maniacal Monsters ISIS Winning BIG TIME in the
Middle East, Online, and Now RIGHT HERE on US Soil...

In Iraq and Syria, 'J.V.' ISIS is running hog-wild, as the Kurdish-controlled border town of Kobani is completely surrounded on three sides,
with Turks sitting on their hands
-watching the Kurds get liquidated-
from across the border on the fourth...

And although yet-another massacre and rape-spree is expected there soon, John Kerry says that's none of our business (whatever they botch/lose will be blamed on George W Bush anyway).

Oh, and regardless of pinprick airstrikes, ISIS is closing-in on Baghdad now... apparently  US military training hasn't hurt these wild eyed go-getters one bit.

As for controlling the message, ISIS is trouncing us online... they're even taunting the WH as they laugh in Obama's face, daring us to come get them- they know our feckless 'leader' will not.

Meanwhile -behind the black curtain of the newly-proclaimed 'Islamic State'- international news crews from the mainstream media tell of massive
'black holes' of reporting, large areas where NO outsider dare tread for fear of ISIS kidnapping/torture/beheading.

So as bad as the stories you hear are, none of us can see what is going on in major Iraqi cities such as Mosul that have been captured by ISIS- all we know now is what the cranked-up jihadis feel like telling us (once they're done raiding/raping/chopping for the day).

But this takes the cake: back in America, we now have parents of the next guy they're threatening to behead very publicly attending a Muslim prayer service so as to get on their knees and kiss some ISIS butt in a (likely vain) attempt to save their son's life... similar to the bizarre behavior we saw from Bergdahl's parents. Did somebody in our misguided federal government perhaps suggest this shameful -and ultimately unhelpful- surrender?

While I won't judge any mother or father in such a desperate situation
-many would do anything out of love at that point- I DO BLAME the snotty, disingenuous imbecile who has commanded American forces since 2009 for putting our nation at such peril: although the left will never admit it, there's a reason it's not wise to employ an effeminate defeatist-declinist as the face of US military 'might'... one that habitually underestimates emerging security threats by running them through the filter of his own out-there agenda:
NObody is afraid of us anymore!

And if paralyzing our military response while forcing normal Americans
(from Indiana) to head to off to some mosque and beg Allah for forgiveness isn't them winning beyond all early expectations, I'm Tiny Tim.

YES- the sickeningly savage methods of ISIS, their relentless killing, rape/enslavement/ethnic cleansing, the intimidation though terror are WORKING BRILLIANTLY -terrifying battlefield opponents and scaring-off the West's unwilling warriors- while limited air-strikes and empty rhetoric the US/UK have countered with are doing nothing effective whatsoever to put a halt to this sheer and utter madness.

Alas, there's only one reason we're not stopping the great evil of our day, bombing them flat and sending ground troops in, as will certainly be required... our own idiot president doesn't want to admit how badly he screwed-up in prematurely withdrawing from Iraq (and scandalously, for purely political purposes). Thus, he continues to ignore the Pentagon's advice, and probably until at least after the November election- if not forever.

For that, we all must suffer.