05 November 2014

As with Obamacare and 2010 Midterms,
White House to Ignore Public Opinion Utterly
-and Do as They Damn-Well-Please

Hey Musty Mitch and Boehner, better DO SOMETHING 
to stop this ruthless prick-- or we'll have your heads, too

Like at other times in this unrelenting nightmare of a presidency -when the electorate clearly turned-against them, screaming for a breather from the 'progressive' agenda we've been ceaselessly force-fed for almost six years now- yesterday's clear signal of unhappiness with the direction of the country will be cynically dismissed, laughed-off, and gone-around as lawless, radical Obama continues on his quest to burn this country to the ground...

So as the Democrats were getting trounced last night, White House staffers were telling ABC that Obama actually plans to set a 'defiant' tone in the wake of obvious defeat, meaning Executive amnesty by Christmas, zero changes to his incompetent, far-left administration, no apologies- and even less remorse.

I doubt Barack Obama is much surprised by the election results, probably has been wondering when we ever were going to wake up. Well, now we did -putting the Republicans in a position of considerable power. 

This is surely the last chance for Boehner and McConnell to prove they've got a speck of worth as 'leaders' of today's resurgent right- and it starts by demanding adherence to the US Constitution and taking the Bolshevik Boy Wonder out-at-the-knees on his planned (illegal) mass amnesty. 

If you two go jump-back in the sack with the Chamber and collaborate with Obama on this, the GOP will be torn in two (I'll be on the Ted Cruz side,
not yours).

Amnesty: THIS IS WAR

Hey all you morons polled in 2008-2012 who said you 'disagreed' with many of the president's policies, but 'liked him as a person'... I sure hope you redeemed yourself somewhat in the voting-booth yesterday, but do you still think this lying, disingenuous p.o.s is actually some kind of nice guy

They say ignorance is bliss, but your reality-dodging was just the kind of 'thinking' that has transformed this country into an oppressive quasi-dictatorship that even the ballot box now struggles to contain...

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