06 November 2014

Time to Throw EVERYTHING We Have at Obama-
and Put a Stop to this Shameless, Vengeful Maniac

He's the most powerful man in the world... but also the first US president to treat the US Constitution with such unmitigated contempt and engage in serial power grabs that can only be described as a 6-year date rape of America.... what to do? 

As many of us told you even in 2008, the guy never intended to do anything 'bipartisan', 'post-racial', nor to strengthen this country economically, strategically, or any other way... Obama is a radical communist kook-
anti-white, anti-capitalist, anti-democratic, anti-America, and anti-liberty

Now that the dumber half of the electorate is finally figuring this out, we find ourselves on the verge of great peril, as Obama has nothing-to-lose,
about to go 'full monty' and erase any lingering doubts re. his insanity. 

But how could one be any more anti-democratic than attempting to steal elections through fraud while ignoring any results he doesn't like?

And what could be more dangerous than having a man devoid of a conscience -a serial liar- one who cannot even distinguish his fantasies from reality... as the leader of the free world? Yet due to the stupidity and shallowness of so many (2x) Obama supporters, here we are, in a place where even a resounding midterm defeat doesn't even seem to slow him.

While The Founders allowed the other branches of government plenty of power to balance-out this kind of despot in the White House, the problem is Obama pays no mind to the Constitution whatsoever -except as an occasional rhetorical prop- and our guys aren't resourceful, principled, or brave enough to use the powers they've been provided.

Not hard to see then why we need our guns to protect us from all of these characters- really. 

Obama's Gee-Oh-Pee enablers are in a way an even bigger threat to our freedom than the left is... it's Boehner and McConnell who have abandoned their responsibilities, for some reason unwilling to counter today's out-of-control White House in ways provided by the Constitution- a duty implicitly implied in their positions. These are the guys that are supposed to stop Obama- but they simply haven't done it, nor do they seem inclined to do so.

Alas, voters yesterday made it plenty clear that they expect the GOP to protect them from Obama, and NOW. They're not looking for Republicans to 'govern' as you hear some GOPers claiming -nor to collaborate with the Dems on legislation- they want a lid put on the reckless Obama Administration which has frightened them thoroughly though a mix of radicalism and incompetence (judging purely by the election results, they're mortified). 

So if the schlubbs at the top of our Grand Ole Party won't do it, time for the rest of us to roll-up-our-sleeves and get 'er done.

Actually, I think that these feckless RINO eunuchs will soon be swept aside by history: the resurgent right is now about to take-on a life of it's own... something far too big for our rudderless RNC/Rovite leadership to stop. 

We must promptly let-loose the creative spirits of the Ted Cruzes, the Trey Gowdys... principled conservatives and FIGHTERS who possess the glimmer in their eye of a beast-of-prey. Now that it's glaringly obvious we have a majority of Americans behind us in opposition to this vile regime, time to go for the throat. Other Republicans should lead, follow, or get out of the way as we launch a broad offensive on Obama's unbridled presidential power.

Dear Leader's agenda was annihilated at the polls this week, and he's politically back-on-his-heels like never before- yet still trash-talking like the delusional punk that he is. But time has now run-out on the Hopenchange fraud: for the first time in his life Barack Obama's been judged by results-
and they utterly suck.

I say we call his bluff and go at him with EVERYTHING.

Some thoughts:
  • Organize massive DC protests against any Executive amnesty (daily, perhaps?)
  • Same thing, right on the border in AZ, TX, and CA... time to counter the Obama Administration's siren call to all of Central and South American (making it clear he doesn't speak for the country anymore)
  • Fund a HUGE television ad blitz against Obama's threatened abuse of power... hey Karl Rove, maybe you could be useful for once and find a few Billion $ for this-
  • Could we block his motorcade with protesters on his way to all fundraisers and golf courses...? Maybe we ought to shadow him (!)
  • Start a movement -online and off- demanding Obama resign immediately. Hound him with the drumbeat of this message night and day. Use psychological warfare techniques to unsettle Obama and paralyze whatever he's up to... why not, he'd do it to you, given the chance.
  • DO NOT PASS a lame-duck budget in compromise with the WH, stripping the new GOP majority of their primary weapon. The federal gub'ment runs out of $ by Dec 11th, but a continuing resolution for a month or two is all we really need. 
  • Play hardball and betray the true obstructionist/partisan,
     Barack Obama.
  • De-fund/paralyze Obamacare via congressional
  • De-fund any new Green Card program/amnesty
  • De-fund ANY new EPA-mandated 'green' nonsense
  • Appoint special prosecutor for Benghazi
  • Appoint special prosecutor for Fast-n-Furious
  • Don't let this treacherous fool close Gitmo and bring Islamic terrorists to US soil (to likely try in civilian courts)... we cannot afford to let this one go down, Gitmo should be kept open ad infinitum as an earthly purgatory for any jihadi scum we deem a threat to our nation's security. 
  • Investigate IRS/DHS/NSA abuse of conservatives
    from top-to-bottom
  • STOP COLD any hyper-liberal loons he attempts to load our courts with... no more caving-in on far-left appointments sure to haunt this country for decades to come
  • As more disturbing facts emerge from our investigation and actions, public support will warm to the idea of Impeachment proceedings for violation of oath/Constitution, arming of American enemies, dereliction of duty, etc, etc
Any ideas out there? I'm up for just about anything (legal) myself,
just can't lay back and 'learn to enjoy it' anymore-
not for another 26 loooonnng months- no way.

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