03 November 2014

Conservatives, Categorize Thyself: (chart)

Found this on twitter over the weekend, credited to some spam website I'm not going to link. However, I did find the graphic clarifying and amusing, while seemingly accurate in it's definitions...

I -as with many of you, I'm sure- fall-in somewhere around 
'modern conservatism' (purple line)... alas, by definition a 'modern' descriptive indicates how relentless the overall expansion of government has been over the long run... and how many times we've been forced back to a new, more defensible position.

But has there ever been historical examples of purely 'Voluntarist' societies, even on a local level? Perhaps some Indian tribe or-?
Wild West pioneer settlements? Anybody...?

Curiously, 'Modern Liberalism' (blue line) classification is only differentiated from conservatives by Obamacare -according to the chart- yet one could easily make the argument that today's 'progressives' have their tentacles in 3/4 elements noted above as composing 'Total Socialism'.

And it's interesting to note that some Classic Liberals in history argued in-favor of public education -i.e. Thomas Jefferson- while others stood against it (Bastiat). Thus, the line is not clear on that specific issue (above).

I myself have greatly warmed to the alternative of home-schooling in the face of Common Core and other leftist indoctrination in the education system... so I'm moving a bit to the right of 'Modern Conservatism', wondering if public schools do more harm than good.  

Just haven't decided if school vouchers -with perhaps some federal involvement- might not be the way to go, provided the choices/options remain truly free- and none are required to brainwash children via a CC or other unified curriculum. But that would mean government still funding the education system through taxes.

Where do you fall, then? Any Minarchists out there?

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