04 November 2014

WV Public Schools Begging Homeschoolers
to PLEASE Come Back...

via iOTW Report:

Public education is reportedly hitting new lows in the Mountain State as it strives to raise its numbers once again through various attempts to bring homeschoolers back into the school system.

As the homeschooling community continues to rapidly grow in West Virginia’s Ritchie County, school officials are swiftly scrambling to find and employ new ways to get home-educated students back into the public classroom. Losing nearly $12,000 of funding per student, the county’s superintendent ordered a campaign designed to convince homeschooling parents to put their children back in the public schools.

According to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, based in Purcellville, Virginia, Ritchie County Superintendent of Schools Ed Toman instructed his staff members to contact homeschool parents and persuade them to re-enroll their children in public school.

Corroborating the account, it has recently been reported that numerous homeschool families across the county have been receiving calls from school officials. They allegedly not only interrogated parents on their competency to teach their own children, but they also asked an assortment of questions before hanging up, including, “What can we do to get your kids back in school?”

Stemming a future legal assault?

Wary of the intentions behind the barrage of phone calls targeting homeschool parents across Ritchie County, many of the concerned home educators contacted HSLDA attorneys to get a better understanding of their rights and protect their children and homes from any unwarranted state intrusion. A number of these families informed HSLDA about the invasive line of questioning to which they were exposed...

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