04 November 2014

IF the GOP Wins 'Largest Congressional Majority in
65 Years', of What Possible Use is John Boehner?

He won't ever repeal Obamacare, refuses to utilize the power-of-the-purse to fight unconstitutional Obama Regime diktats, is likely to stab gun-owners in the back, and worst of all, he's a cheap labor, Chamber-of-Commerce toady, one no more willing to secure the border and slow the hordes pouring-in than any 'progressive' would be...

This is a man who has a history of deceiving conservatives in order to win votes and/or retain the gavel, one who will tell you whatever you want to hear. Should this midterm election -landslide or not- be viewed as any different? 
We were promised precious little, and will surely get even less.

For whatever reasons, Boehner actually provides the left with almost everything they want: legalizing zillions of unwanted -and unneeded- illegal immigrants, a desire to 'fix' -rather than dump- Obamacare. He's never done a damn thing to save the military from Obama's wrecking-ball, nor to reign-in this country's insane deficit spending.

The huge Republican 'victory' expected today as Americans go to the polls will accomplish next-to-nothing for the conservative cause if we don't rid ourselves of this numbnuts at the earliest possible convenience (January 2015 
-or sooner for any provided the opportunity to choke him). 

What a hollow victory indeed, to be saddled with a 'historical' number of 
Gee-Oh-Pee zombies towing the RINO line behind this load Boehner... 
a true and total nothing, one sure to show voters we have nothing of substance to offer them in 2016.

On the bright side, pollsters expect an increase in the # of Tea Party Republicans winning House seats... and conservatives are already planning to roll Johnny Boy to the curb, while others say Bohner already feels the walls closing in and won't stand to run again.

Same difference- works for me.

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