20 February 2015

Hey Merkel and Other Appeasers, Your Idiot
'Peace Deal' with Putin is Going Just Great

Perhaps we can try another once he's in Kiev... or Riga

As previously noted here, thinking all at the table are negotiating in good-faith (when dealing with serially-dishonest former KGB agents who want to take things from you) is probably not a very good idea- when what we ought to be doing is arming the Ukrainians to the teeth and putting troops in Poland to exhibit (residual) NATO resolve.

The Russians' completely ignoring the latest Minsk accord and continuing to slaughter Ukrainian citizens in the name of 'Novorossiya' without pause should be all the evidence any thinking person would need to see that Merkel, Hollande, and other starry-eyed dreamers have been exposed as fools. 

Moscow is so brazenly violating this latest 'deal' the EU thought they had, the Russian military deployed the most advanced anti-aircraft system they possess on Ukrainian territory after the 'agreement' was signed
(yet before the ink dried).

But it's not NATO that's unaware of what we're currently facing with an expansionist Kremlin- they often say things that make sense. It's EU/US political leadership that drives it, a weak Obama and even-weaker EU that somehow cling to the hope that they can sweet-talk Putin out of
shredding the NATO alliance.

another dummy (r)

And YES, of course he's winning- the West absolutely lacks the kind of leadership willing to tell us the truth about the enemy... even less willing to then roll up their sleeves and deal with the threat. 

Like Reagan did. Beat them without firing a shot. How? By never, ever, ever backing-down or showing one speck of weakness- and also while pressing an arms race, instead of canceling systems like Obama's been doing. The KGB file on the Gipper famously noted he was 'an unbending politician for whom words and deeds are the same'. He also knew well that the Russians can never truly compete with the United States of America...
not when we're actually trying.

The Russians knew Reagan was a man to be trifled with. They tried to keep up and test him (i.e. Granada) and match US technology, but in the end lacked the resources to compete/ran-out of money -as they are close to doing today (just need lil' shove again). Today's situation is nearly identical -with crashing oil prices to boot, the only thing lacking is leadership.

Putin WILL attempt to peel off the Baltic states -you watch- and he will be using the same hybrid-warfare, little green men, horseshit propaganda, and choreographed 'uprisings' amongst the 20-or-so % Russians residing in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

If we let him.

We have already welcomed all three Baltic states into NATO- and now are contractually obligated to defend then under Article V of the NATO convention. Abandon them and NATO is gone, our nation's word utterly worthless- that, or face Russians on a European battlefield... there is no 3rd option. Don't you think it would make more sense to try and put a stop to all this now?

The neo-Soviet thugs in the Kremlin will screw around with slow-boil conflicts again -as in Georgia and Ukraine- with unmarked uniforms, artillery fire directed from Russian territory, etc... and Western leaders will  bicker, hair-split, etc. over if it's 'really war', 'not sure we're obligated', blah blah blah-- until dinky Latvia is easily conquered and 'welcomed' into the Russian federation.

We need to immediately stop trying to 'deal' with them and promptly confront Putin financially, militarily, and diplomatically -all out- forget slowly turning the screws, let him have it now.

NATO was formed primarily as an anti-Russian alliance, right from
Day One- 
so that's what it's there for... but hey, that NATO missile defense system Obama cancelled for Poland and the Czech Republic sure would come in handy right about now, huh.

HEY MERKEL- the Germans might owe the Ukrainians a bit more support than what we've been seeing... just would be nice, you know- after millions of them died due to German expansionism in WWII. Or is the irony lost on you?

And you grew-up in Soviet-dominated East Germany... why don't those in Kiev deserve to be free of the sinister, self-serving Russian bear? After living through that yourself -later to be freed by NATO/Reagan's victory in the Cold War- you aren't embarrassed to be making dubious Ribbentrop Pacts, and selling-out innocents (yet again)?

Don't feel you anything to anyone on principle? 

Or is it that your under-funded army such a joke and now you're humiliated as the EU's much-vaunted 'soft power' has been exposed as no-power-at-all?

Aren't you ashamed to deal with the Ukrainians like children
(as the Allies did to the Czechs at 1938 Munich) -including the 'right' to make white lies and false promises while continuing to lick the Russians' rear end? 

What, are you afraid of them? I'm not- like Reagan said,
'The Russians aren't ten-feet tall'. 

I'll tell you what Putin is afraid of, tho- a Ukrainian-style 'Maidan' revolution.
He was wrong that we've actively tried to instigate that...
but maybe we ought to now.

Russia is for the most part a very weak country- a corrupt, drunken, slovenly economic mess, now on the verge of collapse. They produce little anybody would want, except for computer viruses, weapons, vodka, and prostitutes. 

Vladimir Putin has done little to rectify any of this. They're still just a
Saudi Arabia with trees, really. L
et's make that implosion/color revolution happen a bit quicker, and send the Ukrainians something they can use, while treating the Kremlin like the lying, scheming, aggressive den of evil
-utterly void of philosophy- that it truly is.

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