21 February 2015

Ingrate Alan Gross -American (Smuggler) Freed by Obama's Flirting the the Castros- Now SUING U.S. for 'Financial Loss' and 'Emotional Distress'

Should have let him rot there... Cuban prisons are lovely.

Remember recently when Obama was attempting to snuggle-up to the vile Castro regime? And how they laughed at our lil' useful idiot -took whatever they could- then asked for much, much more

While offering us nothing of any significance whatsoever -not even a meager apology for almost bringing the world to the cusp of WWIII in the 1962's 
Cuban Missile Crisis...?

Oh, except they released Alan Gross, the US government contractor working with USAID who smuggled computer equipment and satellite dishes to Cuba's small Jewish community on four separate occasions-- and got caught.

Look, I'm no big fan of communist Cuba, but the law is the law there- can't just do what you want and expect the U.S government to bail you out.
He took a risk -like all smugglers- but got popped and had to do his time
(5 years). No different than if some Cuban was busted bringing Cohibas into the US- not really. 

NOW this guy is going to sue the US federal government for financial loss and 'emotional distress'? One can debate the value or righteousness of his efforts, but Alan Gross took the (significant) risk on his own- and seems to have been pretty blatant about it.

Alan Gross was hardly a political prisoner, and when the opportunity arose,
he's the first one we got out- not good enough, apparently.

And he already got $3.2 MILLION from his employer!!!

Now with the lawsuit, takes some serious chutzpah- lower courts have refused to even hear the case, but now he's going to SCOTUS with it,
if you can believe that. Hopefully they'll toss this clown out on his ear.

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