17 February 2015

TEA Party Set to Pour ALL Pent-Up Frustration of Last
10+ Years Into Pulverizing Jeb Bush, Nominating Cruz

Friends don't let friends vote RINO...

I don't give a damn how much moolah Jeb Bush is currently shaking out of people with more money than sense... it's impossible to picture this charmless Gee-Oh-Pee establishment tool in the White House: not only does the Republican base despise him, but no Bush is going to beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. 

I actually consider her a more flawed candidate than most do, but you can't run a clown who's practically family with the Clintons and expect him to take the requisite fight to Shrillary by discussing her serial scandals/failure. 

And the Clinton brand still remains a plus, at least in comparison to the tattered Bush name... so how's he going to beat her wearing kid gloves, 
with little to say, and nothing interesting on offer for anyone?

Who needs his open-borders, Obama-lite crap anyway? Why wouldn't swing voters not just stick with a Clinton, and 'make history' again- this time with a woman president?

The best thing Jeb could hope for would be an Elizabeth Warren nomination, such a frightening Stalinist kook that he could win by default.

If the miserable Party establishment somehow succeed in ramming yet another weak, unprincipled, and unappealing RINO candidate down all throats (on the road to guaranteed defeat for the Stupid Party in 2016), I may stay home in spite, or vote for some wacko 3rd-party. I am so sick-and-tired of being fettered to this corpse, there's truly no words for it. 

But things are actually looking-up for the white hats lately, believe it or not: a top Republican strategist has just revealed that Ted Cruz is 'even odds' with supposed-frontrunner Jeb Bush. Isn't that fascinating, seeing how he's been ignored in many polls, with some people acting like the Texas senator doesn't even exist.

This unnamed GOP strategist sees the Party's race-to-2016 in four 'lanes': 
GOP establishment, TEA party, social-conservative, and libertarian: (TEA Party.org)
Bush and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker are the leading candidates in establishment, the largest lane, while former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is battling it out with retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum for the social-conservative lane.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has the libertarian lane all by himself, while 
Cruz is the dominant figure in the tea party lane.
“What that means —particularly in the early stages... Iowa, New Hampshire, S Carolina — is that [Cruz] will probably be able to win, place or show repeatedly, racking up enough strongish performances to keep going even as the establishment and social-conservative lanes thin out,” writes the Post’s Chris Cillizza.

“The trick for Cruz, the consultant said, is to hang around long enough to be the preeminent figure not only in the tea party lane but also in the social-conservative lane.”

The newspaper said that if Cruz can outlast either Huckabee, Carson or Santorum in a possible 2016 matchup, he would be able to combine the tea party and social-conservative lanes.

“That’s a pretty wide berth for any candidate hoping to be the GOP nominee,” Cillizza wrote. “Is it as wide as a consolidated establishment lane behind Bush or Walker or [Florida] Sen. Marco Rubio? No one knows just yet, but it’s probably pretty close.
To me, 'outlasting Huckabee/Carson/Santorum' seems more likely for Cruz than not: the Huckster is not going anywhere, Carson has zero political experience (although I do like him), and Santorum is yesterday's also-ran, imho.
Interesting he also mentions Rubio and Scott Walker as alternative GOP 'establishment' picks if Jeb Bush falters- and I think I could actually live with either Rubio or Walker as Republican nominee, tho far prefer Ted Cruz.
Of these two 'establishment' alternatives to Jeb, Walker is perhaps better politically -due to Rubio's misguided involvement in past amnesty efforts- but I am a very strong believer that Republicans need a  Gipper-esque communicator to win in 2016, nothing less will do: for all his recent Iowa appeal and success in fighting the militant left in his own state of Wisconisin, Scott Walker -a true Reaganite- clearly lacks the gift of gab, whereas
Sen Rubio is a superb speaker and spokesperson for
conservatism in-general.

WE MUST have an excellent salesperson as our nominee, to sell conservative principles to a weary nation, one bewildered by years of Obama/'progressive' distortion, slander, and serial dishonesty. 

This is much of what killed Romney last time- he may have looked like a salesman, but the guy's an eye-watering bore, one with no real base philosophy or core beliefs, so what's he even going to try to talk anybody else into? It was often said that Romney 'had no fight in him'- but why fight over nothing, I guess.
Most swing voters haven't a clue what an actual conservative president could bring this country- we're talkin' booming small-business creation, real economic growth, secure borders, the end of race/class warfare perpetrated by the White House, and restoration of national security 
(borne of respect/fear abroad, not a police state at home). 

Trying to give low-info swing voters what they think they want is like letting your kids choose their food at the grocery story: fact is, conservatives have got what America does need- a fact many voters possess no awareness of.

Somebody needs to tell them. 

The Hope -n- Change era was one born of blissful ignorance... there's only one antidote for that, a well-presented factual argument presented in a mildly-entertaining way (to appeal in the low-attention-span era).

What I don't get is so many people in their fifties like me, or older -those who actually lived through the secure, prosperous, positive, absolutely joyous Reagan era, when jobs were practically falling out of trees- who yet somehow don't seem to remember a bit of that, instead voting -many of them 2x- for a divisive, incompetent Alinskyite asshole who's done almost everything exactly the opposite of Reagan- and with predictable results.
Like Maggie Thatcher said, 'There's nothing as stubborn as a
fashionable consensus'.

It is long past time for American swing voters to pull their head out of their lower digestive tract and take a step-away from 'progressive' la-la land: 
for that they need schoolin'... seriously.

Our best speakers in the Republican Party today are Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio... Paul is a non-starter as a presidential candidate for me, due to love of open-borders and a bizarre isolationist philosophy that runs in the family. I'd love to see him audit the Fed, tho.

Could live with a Rubio nomination if we have to, and believe he probably could pull it off in the general election, as well. The Florida senator is for the most part a Reaganite, and certainly gets it on foreign policy. Good guy, too.

But the real energy on the right will be behind Ted Cruz -expect him to do well in the primaries- and he's probably the most gifted communicator in the Republican Party, one who can get the message across and 
lead this country to a better place. The left knows it, too.
Cruz makes clear the constitutional conservative principles we stand for like few -if any- others have the ability to do. He will explain in debate and on the campaign trail what a political right-turn can do for the country... 
how it will work... and why it's the right thing to do. 

And who's tougher in enduring abuse from the left and RINO establishment than Cruz? A happy warrior if there ever was one, and just like the Gipper.

Don't believe any bullshit about Ted Cruz not being able to win the general election, either-  he's got exactly what it takes, while offering most Americans exactly what they need. 

A lot of them just don't know it yet...

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