17 February 2015

Wouldn't It Be Advisable to Exterminate As Many
ISIS Scum as Is Militarily Possible RIGHT NOW?

Making an example of the so-called 'Islamic State' by promptly killing as many as we can find (at least in Iraq and Syria) would stop the movement in it's bloody tracks -while serving as an example to would-be jihadis and their backers worldwide, for years to come. And almost everybody else on Earth would be far better off without them.

Pacifism and half-measures have not gotten the job done, nor has hiding from the threat of radical Islam in general, and ISIS in particular- they just keep getting closer, and closer, and closer...

When I see these pictures of them marching people around in cages, setting fire/chopping off their heads, all I think is 'them boys need killiin''... and indeed, they do: now that ISIS has reached the doorstep of Europe, it's time to
kill them all, and make a show of it.

Does that sound crazy? To some people, maybe- but not due to anything based in fact, at least not by historical standards: with Americans being captured/killed by a insatiable, wild-eyed, expansionist regime seemingly more evil than even the USSR or Nazi Germany, one threatening not just US allies in the Middle East but now spreading worldwide -while they attempt to recruit your own children online, right from under you. BTW, they've openly declared war on the United States of America- that used to be all it took, you know.

It seems like defeating ISIS would do us a lot more good than anything we've accomplished in Afghanistan, Yemen, or Libya... all of which have gotten far worse -from a terrorism standpoint- in the bizarre Obama era, now utterly packed with jihadis. 

Although I was long in favor of arming the Kurds, neither they nor the Iraqi Army appear able to eliminate the existence of ISIS in the foreseeable future... and everyday they're still around is a day too long.

Not 'containment' of ISIS, victory -there is no containment until you kill all or most of them. And do it with overwhelming force, quickly- forget the bungled US occupation of Iraq, the 'Shock and Awe' portion worked brilliantly. 

Perhaps ISIS targets will be a bit more difficult to locate and hit than Saddam's, but these 7th-Century savages hold considerably less territory and assets than 2003 Iraq did. In fact, we could probably carpet-bomb every inch of their dusty, barren dump of a 'caliphate' in a matter of weeks, if not days.

Numerous independent jihadi groups worldwide are joining up as local ISIS affiliates now, including the infamous gang that assaulted the US consulate at Benghazi on Sept 11th- so add the Benghazi attack as yet another casus belli for the file as we head off to wipe ISIS from the face of the Earth.

The United States has gone to war for far less in the past, and we've let them run-wild for plenty long enough: ISIS is a pandemic virus that really, truly needs to be treated like a disease... that is, 100% destroyed ASAP. 

What else are we going to do, kick back and hope they don't get too close before the movement tuckers-out? As with other plagues, even one cell and the deadly organism may again rear it's ugly head- anyone who's ever been prescribed antibiotics will understand the concept. Cluster munitions? Whatever it takes- really. But I guess we're not allowed to do that- or are we.

Might start with something a bit more thorough than clinical 'precision' strikes on Islamic State targets, we need to make a more dramatic visual impression, like they're always trying to do with the beheadings on YouTube-- try 
carpet-bombing vast swathes of ISIS-controlled areas, like all known bases and concentrations of troops. 

It might not be advisable to level Mosul -with a large # of civilians who wouldn't be living there under the IS if they had a choice- yet it would be great if ISIS leadership at least thought we are about to.

I'd shop short of strategic nukes, but it sure would be more efficient, huh.

I hope and pray that President Cruz makes John Bolton the Secretary of Defense... he'd be down with the program, I just know it.

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