03 March 2015

Improvised/Homemade Firearms Have
Long Exposed Folly of 'Gun Control' (gallery/video)

Way before 3-D printers were around, gun bans have been circumvented by the slapping-together of crude-yet-effective weapons. Yet another reason
'gun control' will never control anything, except perhaps the innocent citizenry made to be sitting ducks by
unjustified obstacles to legitimate
firearm ownership/supply...

Even if too stoopid to make weapons themselves, all street criminals will surely find a HUGE black market in the wake of any US gun grabs or bans instituted by the vile, lawless Obama regime. The Left loves to preach how
'we could never deport 30M Mexicans'... I'd like to hear how they plan to
corral 300M guns.

And when NYC street gangs couldn't even get real weapons 80-90 years ago, they simply manufactured crude, inaccurate 'zip guns' themselves... and that was in Harlem tenements, not some factory. Eighteen months ago, a trio of CT teenagers were busted for making/selling a dozen improvised guns of their own design (below) that they screwed-together in their mom's basement from about $5.00 worth of junk from Home Depot.

Even prisoners have repeatedly found ways to put a functioning weapon together from within the confines of a federal penitentary- when you want to shoot somebody from 3 ft away, it really doesn't take all that much.

So, just consider nowadays in 2015, where there are so many private metal shops, metal lathes, etc out there -in addition to emerging 3-D printing tech- how on God's green Earth is any kind of gun prohibition ever going to succeed? Even if they somehow succeeded in rounding-up all 300M guns in the United States today, there's more ways to make your own -and of far higher quality- than any other time in world history.

This is why most intellectually-honest people know that there's no way gun bans will work: Obama knows it too, but is simply aiming to disarm his real enemies, meaning we law-abiding Republican types... he's actually 'cool' with most of the street-criminal class, or at least thinks they are the only ones that ought to be doing the shooting.

But these are America's most resourceful, inventive, and brave people that he's threatening the 2nd Amendment rights of... does anybody really believe we can't -or won't- make our own guns, if necessary? 

staple-gun cleverly employed for body, grip, and firing mechanism

innovative 12-guage carbine

'Unabomber' Ted Kaczynski created this homemade .22 pistol at his
cabin hideaway. His diary said it took him 18 months (no machine tools),
that he used parts from abandoned cars in the area,
and that he intended it for use 'in homicides'.

homemade gun confiscated in British Midlands raid

.410 shot pistol constructed from malleable iron plumbing pipe
with striker firing mechanism -and grip from a paintball gun

zip gun discovered in Colorado prison search

spring-action .22 bolt gun

Zip gun with oil filter utilized as a silencer

Shotgun used in 1984 prison break in Germany: made from iron bedposts and wood,
the ammunition was created from pieces of lead from curtain tape and match-heads.
This was ignited by AA batteries and a broken light bulb.

In the event, it worked like a charm when a pair of prisoners shot-out
some bulletproof glass, took a guard hostage, then escaped to a waiting car.

full-auto weaponry made in New Zealand machine shop
for sale to criminal gangs there

Sound and simple design from India: cumbersome-looking,
but features three interchangeable barrels of various calibers

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