25 March 2015

TERROR? Unexplained 8-Minute Plunge w/ NO SOS has 'GermanWings' Pilots Refusing to Fly...

The smithereens of 4U9525

The Airbus operated by Lufthansa's budget airline 'GermanWings' that crashed in the French Alps yesterday made no radio contact whatsoever for the entire 8 minutes was roaring straight into the mountains (from 32,000 ft)... add to that the fact that no apparent effort was made to override computer controls, the German pilots' experience, the airline's perfect safety record... you can see why the other pilots would now like an explanation before they drag another 150 people to a horrific death.

The pilots were likely either unconscious, bound, or dead- those are pretty much the only logical conclusions. If it was the A320 fly-by-wire computer controls issue, they could have over-rode it with manual controls at some point in the crisis.

The plane made a controlled descent at full speed into a mountain while issuing no distress signal- does that sound like mechanical failure to you?

Yes, 'terrorism' is mere speculation at this point... but the Obama regime didn't wait to issue their wild-ass-guess, and I'm not the only one thinking it:

An expert for the Polish State News Agency just said: 
A terror attack is very likely a cause for the Germanwing A320 crash.
A German pilot told Russian RT News a terror attack and an explosion in the rear craft of the aircraft is possible. Pilots may have been unconcious, otherwise they would have not started a descent maneuvering this aircraft into a mountain region.
In November, the computer sensor system caused an Airbus 320 to go out of control. Computers may have been able to overwrite the control for this aircraft.
Some Germanwing pilots are refusing to fly the A320 due to safety concerns and some non-confirmed reports say flights for the Lufthansa-owned airline were cancelled because of it.
Of course, the agenda-driven Obama White House couldn't wait to tell us it 'doesn't appear terror related'... meaning it doesn't fit their bizarre
pro-Muslim/surrender to terror zeitgeist. Or maybe they just don't want to acknowledge the dangerous world created by misguided US policy over the last 6 years.

And maybe Obama's dopey press secretary can try and explain how they know more than investigators, the Germans, etc- mere hours after the event,
just by looking at some photographs online... please

And strange goings on at the Lufthansa press conference...


2nd UPDATE 26 March 3.00am EDST -HERE-

3rd UPDATE 26 March 23.00 EDST: Lubitz was a MUSLIM CONVERT

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