24 March 2015

What's This Tripe in The Washington Times
re. Ted Cruz's Father Fighting in Cuba?

Didn't expect attacks to come from them... not on the first day. 

And not sure what's up with Ralph Z. Hallow's agenda
-be it lib or GOP establishment-connected-
but what a bunch of intellectually-dishonest hooey:

Shortly after launching his 2016 presidential bid, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz went on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News for a full hour Monday night where he told the story of how his Cuban-born father, Rafael Cruz, fought against the dictator in charge of Cuba at time, Fulgencio Bautista, more than a half century ago. 
But Mr. Cruz, 44, didn’t once mention that his father actually had fought for Fidel Castro in the early stages of the Cuban Revolution.
His dad fled the Bautista regime in Cuba in 1957, nearly two years before Castro forces succeeded in overthrowing the Bautista dictatorship.
 Rafael Cruz eventually turned against Mr. Castro when he realized the revolutionary leader was a serious Marxist-Leninist who nationalized virtually every private business on the island and expropriated US. and other foreign-owned property. 
In sync with the younger Cruz, Mr. Hannity also never mentioned Mr. Castro once during the entire interview with Mr. Cruz...

Obviously, Castro wasn't an declared communist at the time, just leader of a popular uprising against a corrupt and brutal dictatorship. 

The CIA didn't think Castro was a communist then either!!!

Seems Mr Hallow is carrying somebody's water -or perhaps The Washington Times is going to be firmly in the Gee Oh Pee old-guard camp this election season. Disappointing- maybe I won't be linking them anymore... not crap like this, anyway. Kind of desperate so soon, no?

Now consider how the US president is currently licking those same Castros' grizzled, bony asses. And unlike in Rafael Cruz's time, Obama knows that Fidel's been one of the world's hardest-core commies for 50 years now... doesn't seem to bother him a bit, does it.

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