21 May 2015

Norks -Deeply Offended by Accusation of
Faked Submarine Missile Launch-
Make Brazen New Claims (Official Photos)

Images obtained by Yonhap News Agency show what North Korea claimed
was a ballistic missile being launched from underwater near Sinpo,
on the northeast coast of North Korea.

Experts believe the claim they were launched from a submarine
may be suspect...        Photograph: KCNA/EPA

Rooking to grorious future a family tradition

(full week prior to capitalist mission forever trumpeted 
in shallow propaganda of American running-dogs)

Stud muffin

Any one of our mighty ICBMs can destroy all of America!

Monster Bunnies raised in field behind Yongbyon nuclear reactor

First time Kim Jong Il ever golfed, 1975


DPRK countryside today

Nobody's perfect!

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