21 May 2015

Remind Me Again How Getting Rid of Gaddafi
Was Some Kind of Improvement!

Or maybe Obama, Hillary, McCain, 
or Lindsey Graham could do some splainin'...?

I'm no huge Bush fan in general, but am pretty damn sick of hearing the historical re-inventions lately re. how going into Iraq was always a failure, etc... like The Surge never happened- how Obama was 'handed a mess',
blah blah blah... 

Mark Levin recently noted this new 'progressive' push against reality, one likely intended to shield Obama/Dems from the outright disaster they've created in Iraq and 'The Levant'. The truth is, Barack Obama was handed a stable Iraq... then promptly dropped the reigns and walked away.

And WHAT about Libya?

Never mind how Obama and Clinton left Americans there to die when saving them didn't fit their fundraising/drinking/sleeping schedules... today we hear ISIS has taken all of Muammar Gaddafi's (coastal, strategic) hometown of Sirte.  

Already in control of the local airport -and the aircraft found left on the tarmac- from which they've threatened to strike the Vatican with terrorist-piloted planes filled with explosives (just a little over two hours' flight), 'conquer rome', and 'smash your crosses'.

Just 75 years ago, Libya was a calm, clean Crown colony of Imperial Italy, governed by national hero/Air Marshall/Viceroy of Libya (who once historically flew to Chicago with a squadron of seaplanes) Italo Balbo.

Regardless of Gaddafi's claims, he really didn't accomplish all that much in
40 years but enriching him and his clique. The advanced train system Italy ran had long ago been shut-down, most of the freeways were built by Balbo, as was much of modern Tripoli.

He was an nutty, egotistical, evil bastard- but Gaddafi had a lid on the place
-had given up all his nukes- and was doing oil deals with the West,
opposed to Islamic extremism, etc.

WHAT have we gained? Nothing -same nightmare ISIS scenario as in Iraq/Syria, but far closer and more threatening to Europe's southern flank. 

Someone once said 'If somebody says they want to kill you, it's a good idea to believe them'... indeed. And if a picture says a thousand words, their chopping off Chrisitans' heads on Libyan beaches says all I need to hear.

Not only do we need to now wipe all ISIS formations from the face of the Earth -as advocated by Senator Ted Cruz (patriot, TX)- but we DEFINITELY need to put those who aspire to higher office (but had a major hand in the Libyan debacle) against the wall and demand some answers.

We lost American lives unnecessarily, then completely and utterly lost the war from any sane strategic perspective. I challenge anyone to explain how the situation there could be any worse than the result these fools have already brought us.

What the hell where Hillary Clinton, Lindsey Graham, et. al. thinking?
Who did they expect to replace the Gaddafi regime?
Preppy democrats in blue sport coats?

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