20 June 2015

30+ Candidates?
Do We Need a Playoff System or Something?

Rather than one or two conservatives to rally-round in opposition to the party establishment, we get over 30 characters up there... can the voters can even keep their names straight? 

All I know is an overcrowded Gee-oh-Pee field is NOT a good thing for the American constitutionalist conservative movement... not at all.

So we really do need to thin out the herd as quickly as possible...
perhaps a early-round paintball war would do the trick?

In the name of clarity, please pick your own bracket, based on political desirability, qualification for the job-- and ability to win in November 2016:

Dr. Ben Carson
Skip Andrews
___________________   Carson

Michael Bickelmeyer                        _______ Carson
Rick Snyder
___________________   Snyder

Kerry Bowers                                                                   _______ Carson
Jeb Bush
___________________   Bowers

Dale Christensen                                _______ Fiorina
Carly Fiorina
___________________   Fiorina

Chris Christie                      
Ted Cruz (top seed)
___________________   Cruz

Bobby Jindal                                        _______ Cruz
Lindsey Graham
___________________   Jindal

Mike Huckabee                                                                    _______ Cruz
John Dummett, Jr.
___________________   Huckster

Brooks Cullison                                     _______ Kasich
John Kasich
___________________   Kasich

Donald Trump
Bob Ehrlich
___________________   Trump

Mark Everson
Scott Walker                                        _______ Walker
___________________   Walker

Rand Paul                                                                                _______ Walker
Jim Hayden
___________________   Paul

Jim Gilmore                                              _______ Paul
George Pataki
___________________   Pataki

Peter King
Michael Petyo
___________________   Petyo

Chris Hill                                                   _______ Perry
Rick Perry
___________________   Perry

Brian Russell                                                                               _______ Rubio
Marco Rubio
___________________   Rubio

Michael Kinlaw                                          _______ Rubio
Rick Santorum
___________________   Santorum

Sorry if my lack of knowledge has me discounting a good up-and-comer, but the first round is basically decided on name recognition... except for Jeb, because I can't stand him.

A complete unknown -i.e. Bill Clinton in '92- probably won't work this time, imho- for all her faults, Hillary isn't as weak a candidate as
(incumbent) Bush-41 was, she's got a base that won't quit.


Carson vs Cruz = CRUZ
Walker vs Rubio= WALKER

Me, I'll take Ted Cruz, a far better communicator than Scott Walker, and we need that to sell the conservative message to a tired, misinformed, & confused electorate... but either one is a 1000% improvement over the rancid Obama regime.

Now how do we get some of these other varmints to skidaddle...