19 June 2015

Only a Couple Things an Intellectually-Honest Person
Can Deduce from Dylann Roof's Killing Spree...

1) Dylann Roof looks like a complete nut -as he's recently proven beyond all doubt that he is- replete with insane-asylum haircut. And this guy's 'philosophy' is relevant to American politics somehow? 

He says he was trying to start a race war... so which political party got blamed for Manson's similar crimes/goal in 1969? Did anybody take his 'Helter Skelter' views seriously? And was there any discussion re. banning knives?

2) Roof was not only found with the powerful narcotic Suboxone when busted at the mall last year, but was also had cocaine, LSD, and meth... if you tired to invent a drug cocktail that could make a person lash out violently and/or forget their name (or even what planet they're on)- it seems to me that would pretty much do it. Note lip-licking like a meth-head in photo above.

More destabilizing tripe from Satan Soros

So to anybody that wants to talk about how 'white' or 'conservative' Americans need to answer for some complicated weirdo's deranged aggression against innocent people in a church, I can tell you right now I don't have a damn thing in common with this maniacal, mega-drugged-out punk... and his actions have no overlap whatsoever with millions of law-abiding US gun owners, either. 

There are no parallels or common thread between Dylann Roof and any sane American- nothing we need to be discussing as a nation, anyway. 

Sounds like Roof was naturally crazy long before he got into the radical drug cocktails -which surely didn't help- but 'progressives' aren't picky, especially after waiting the entire Obama era for some monster to come and properly fill the lead role of 'right wing terrorist' in their ongoing BS propaganda barrage.

Since the kid claims he was angered by blacks rioting in Baltimore and Ferguson -and Jarrett and Obama did so much to fan the flames- you could say Roof represents a self-fulfilling prophecy for this vile regime. 

Perhaps a fringe reaction from a madman like this was part of what Obama/Jarrett expected -even hoped- might come from their stoking of Baltimore + other recent rioting- after all, they're trying to start a race war too.