18 August 2015

Gingrich: Trump is like a Science Fiction Film,
'Where You Shoot at Him and He (Just) Gets Bigger'

'Somebody's going to have to sooner-or-later take him 
head-onand so far the people that have tried to 
take him on haven't done very well...'

In an interview yesterday with Greta Van Sustern, FHS Newt Gingrich observed 'The other candidates have to face the reality (that) if he stays at 25-or-better, he wins... if you have 17-18 candidates and one of them has 25%, 
they keep winning.'

The Speaker continued: '(Trump) is the biggest communicator of (earned) media -maybe- in American political history... it's unbelievable... 
'totally unique from anybody in American politics... a phenomenon.'

Points made by Newt re. growing Trump strength and durability are indeed supported by hysterical reactions from the Rove-RNC-Fox axis, as illustrated by Dana Perino's meltdown on The Five yesterday. Must be hard watching Gee-Oh-Pee establishment fave Jeb tank like this, now in a shaky 4th place while trailing Trump @ 25%, Carson @ 12%, and Ted Cruz @ 10% in the latest polling.

Trump's concrete immigration plan is surely open to criticism, but there's a lot of good in there, and once again he's completely steering the national political discourse while remaining the center of attention the whole time- and cementing his image as a serious candidate. 

I myself remain a steadfast Cruz supporter, but feel Trump's presence in the GOP race to be largely a positive still- I'm just glad to see somebody mixing-it-up out there on vital-yet-neglected issues besides Cruz and Lee for once. 

Trump is landing an awful lot of shells in the enemies-of-freedom's (progs/Hillary/Obama/RINOs) camps too, what's not to like about that? For all his personal flaws and shortcomings as a potential presidential candidate, Donald Trump's stated positions on all the most pressing issues of our time (immigration, ISIS/terror, economy, debt, Obamacare) actually closely reflect those of Senator Cruz. 

Not only does he know how to get it on the news every night, but Trump is pretty much controlling the entire political debate in this country at this point- and don't think it's not all done by design.

Trump's making politics entertaining again, frankly- after the last seven depressing, bizarre, and desperately-frustrating years, we could use a laugh or two (and they're coming at the left and/or establishment GOP's expense).

Kick-back and enjoy the (reality) show... 
he's not hurting anybody who didn't have it coming.

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