17 August 2015

It's Not Just Hillary's Shredded Credibility
or Tanking Poll #s... She's Ultimately Doomed
Because Obama Hates Her Too

Many have long thought of a Hillary nomination/presidency as all but certain even throughout her never-ending scandals, but this 'inevitability' thinking was long based on polling and the idea that it was simply 'her turn' and therefore the entire Democratic Party machine is going to be behind her... there wasn't even need for debates. And who was going to challenge all that?

But now that Hill's popularity with actual voters is slipping, you have to ask yourself how 'inevitable' a Hillary Clinton presidency -or even nomination- is (even though WaPo is promoting the narrative that it's already too late for the DNC to change horses) when she and her scheming staff are currently being investigated by the FBI, damaging leaks re. Clinton shenanigans continue to surface, and NObody seems to have her back anymore. 

Alas, a number of these problems can be attributed to powerful enemies in the White House, this a product of the deep animosity and total distrust felt between the Clintons and Obamas ever since the Bolshevik Boy Wonder's 2008 upset (and dirty tricks utilized to bring that about).

Last year Bill Clinton reportedly tried to get Obama to fold his Organizing for America ground game into the Democratic Party's operations so as to aid
'the 2016 candidate' -presumably Hillary, of course- and was basically laughed-at by Obama, so you know that Bill Clinton at least thinks his wife could use quite a bit more support from Dear Leader and his zombie army. But Hillary's not getting it, nor probably that promised endorsement, either.

And this goes beyond mere lack-of-support in all likelihood- Obama/Jarrett are almost certainly intentionally undermining the Hillary 2016 campaign, and thus the continuous, ruinous leaks.

photo: Drudge

But how much 'Democratic machine' is left behind for Hillary with Obama actively opposed? No endorsement? No Team Obama ground game? 

With the Clintons and Obamas obvious enemies, how many other Dems remain to support her, once it's clear (to even lo-info voters) that Obama's not going to be on-board in any way? This explains early consideration of such mediocre candidates as Sanders, O'Malley, Biden,  and now even Lurch.

What seems obvious is that if Obama had been clearly at Hillary's side
-loosely endorsing her as the Democrats' heir apparent, as so many others were- instead of trying to throw a spanner in the works, Hillary Clinton wouldn't have half the problems she does today, would probably not be under investigation by (Obama's politicized FBI), etc.

Barack Obama is by far the most powerful Dem political force in this country, once who can provide a large and effective ground-game with his Organizing for America door-knockers/online geeks... so with Hillary in trouble and her campaign already being easily upstaged by a ranting hippy fossil on the left, don't forget the blazing animosity that exists between the Clintons and Obamas... how is she ever going to overcome her problems with such a unprincipled, vengeful, and bitter enemy in the White House?

And these people really do HATE each other...
  • 'I hate that man Obama more than any man I've ever met,
    more than any man who ever lived...' -Bill Clinton
  • 'Obama doesn’t know how to be president. He doesn’t know how the world works. He’s incompetent. He’s an amateur.' -Bill Clinton
  • 'I’ve heard more from Bush, asking for my advice, than I’ve heard from Obama. I have no relationship with the president -
    none whatsoever.' -Bill Clinton
  • Michelle Obama/Valerie Jarrett privately refer to Hillary as the 'Hildebeast'
  • 'I really can’t stand the way Obama ­always seems to be hectoring when he talks to me... sometimes we just stare at each other.
    It’s pretty damn awkward.'
     -Bill Clinton
  • 'The Obamas are out to get us any way they can.' -Bill Clinton

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