07 September 2015

Fox's Chris Wallace Relentlessly Attempts to Goad Dick Cheney Into Trashing Trump on FNS

Trump part starts @ 7:00


Wallace: Mr Vice President, what do you think of Donald Trump?

Cheney: I have,uh, don't know the man, I haven't met him personally. 

I have refrained from judging any of our candidates -positively or negatively- because we've been concerned primarily about the book, and getting the whole question of national security front-and-center in the debate this year.

At some point we may endorse, but I haven't yet.

Wallace: Do you think he's -obviously... I know you, you're an avid news follower, reader, watcher- do you think he's... prepared, fit to be president?

Cheney: Ah, I'm not going to judge any of the candidates until we get farther down the road...

Wallace: Here's what Mr Trump has said about your administration, sir: in 2008, he said President Bush should be impeached for getting us into Iraq-  he (Trump) said that 'would have been a wonderful thing, he got us into the war with lies.'

And in 2011, here's what Trump said about you: 'Here's a guy who did a rotten job as VP -nobody liked him- tremendous divisiveness.'

President Trump...?

Cheney: Well, some people said worse things than that about me (Lynn Cheney laughs)-- 

I again -Chris- don't want to get into the business of judging candidates now- it's early. 

I want to see how they respond or react to this basic question of whether or not national security is the foremost issue in this campaign, and what they propose to do about it... that's what our book is about.

Wallace: Do you think those are responsible comments on national security?

Cheney: I'm not going to get into the business of getting-into a dustup with any of the candidates, or supporting or opposing any of the candidates at this stage.

You have to ask, that's the answer-