08 September 2015

Current Migrant Surge Exposed as ISIS Trojan Horse Scheme, Long-Planned and Backed by Saudis

Some of us have been wondering aloud as to why the Saudis, Qataris, Kuwaitis, et. al. aren't taking any Muslim refugees from the Syria-Iraq mess, instead of sending thousands to far-away Europe. And not as if there was ever any real mystery, but we can now say with certainty why they've turned their backs on their own Muslim neighbors, because the Saudis just let it slip...

Saudi official: 'We are ignoring the issue as a strategic maneuver.

If these refugees go and settle in the West then they will take the
beacon of light i.e. Islam, with them... what we are doing is waiting for them to set up camp so that they can show these infidel nations how to save themselves from kufr...'

Riyadh is not just guilty of neglect -attempting to avoid absorption of new welfare/make work cases- but the current migrant swarm is actually seen as a wave of invaders by the Islamists themselves because they planned and instigated the slow-motion conquest all along. 

There's little reason to be surprised by all of this: ISIS -a project of Saudi creation- have in recent months themselves boasted of plans to 
'send 500,000 migrants as a weapon' to Europe.

The West is being outwitted by ISIS at every turn, as they exploit any fear, opening, or sympathy they find in Europe or America, often using our own traditional Christian morality and sense-of-humanity against us. 

Islamist zealots only see kindness as weakness- and judging by how
Merkel has reacted to the incoming hordes, the Iron Age savages in Raqqa have already been proven correct in that belief.

All this should make westerners who are constantly attacked for labeling mass Muslim immigration as 'an invasion' -like Geert Wilders- appear wise, brave... even prescient right about now.

If you look at the pictures from Budapest/Munich, all I see is fit, healthy
(already occasionally violent) fighting-age men... where are the poor,
starving war refugees? Did these guys leave all the women and children behind to be slaughtered by ISIS?

Seems the long-planned invasion is already on, with only the Hungarians 
(and Czechs) willing to put up any resistance...

The edge of civilization inches-ever-closer

Pissed-off young guys everywhere- yelling, screaming, pushing

Achtung Germany! Meet your new neighbors-

Go West, young Muslim

Host (victim) countries expected to give them what they want, and quick


Brought their war with them

Looks to me like 80% young guys wearing Adidas, designer sportswear, jewelry, carrying smart phones... why again is there such a big rush to get all these dudes to Germany?

Sensible Swabians need to put a lid on Angie before she does any more damage, and maybe she should investigate a bit more thoroughly just who Germany is inviting-over to spend the rest of their lives on the the welfare system, establish terror cells, have 8 angry kids, rape German women, etc before she opens her mouth (and the gate) again. 

If Berlin thinks it needs immigrants to fill the labor force (because Germans are unwilling to have enough children), wouldn't it make a lot more sense to invite incremental Poles, Ukrainians, or Romanians -poor European people who are 10x more compatible with the culture- to come work there instead?

For the ordinary Germans who are going to have to live and work alongside a bunch more Muslims now, the reality is worse than being forced into an arranged marriage -for life- while not allowed to date or shop around...
and more like having to (instantly) marry whoever knocks on the door.

Who needs this mess ole Ma Merkel's making, anyway? Certainly not Europe-

UPDATE: Saudis building 200 Mosques in Germany for the invaders!