08 September 2015

Liberal Scum Now Pressuring Boehner to
Re-Name Reagan International Airport

The Washington Examiner is reporting that a left-wing 'activist' group (CREDO) is lobbying embattled House Speaker John Boehner to strip Ronald Reagan's name from our official RR Washington National Airport -and presumably tear-down his statue- all in the name of their hatred for everything -and everybody- that ever made this country great...

The CREDOaction group -which is financed by their mobile phone company- 'funds progressive nonprofits' and is currently circulating an online petition named 'Tell John Boehner: Rename Ronald Reagan Airport'.
They claim to have 60K signatures already.

But this appears to be a sort of shot-across-the-bow to put cowardly lion Boehner back on his heels after he dared complain about Ohio's President McKinley having his name stripped from our nation's highest mountain. 

Boner might not realize it, but Obama's just getting warmed-up-- he's not finished with his attack on the the (evil imperialist!) McKinley era yet, next this America-hating kook is going to reduce US sovereignty over Hawaii (IBD):
The Interior Department's spokeswoman has confirmed it is drafting a rule to help native Hawaiians create a separate and independently sovereign nation with rights to their own land and rule — while still maintaining federally tax-supported welfare benefits and other privileges, such as gaming rights afforded Indian tribal territories...
CREDO is snarkily telling Boehner to 'be consistent' in naming the nation's monuments... as if naming an airport after a president was the same as stripping a president's name off the mountain to be replaced with some Eskimo one- typical intellectually-dishonest crap from the left.

The next 500 days are going to be a living hell... sure would be nice to just wake-up one day and have this bizarre and damaging Obama era behind us.