21 September 2015

If Merkel Wants More Muslims, Why Doesn't
She Send Lufthansa to Go Pick-em-Up...
Instead of Wrecking All Europe?

Shouldn't their national flag carrier be doing the job the 
(rich) Germans are dumping on Hungary, Croatia, et. al.?

Or was she just 'posing', making disingenuous offers the 
Islamists were never expected to exploit quite like this...

As Ma Merkel and the German left force their Nazi-guilt-driven policy down the rest of Europe's throats, they already have other EU states openly fighting each other and sending tanks to their internal EU borders in attempts to deal with the (75% military-age male) Muslim mobs now invading their lands.  

As the German (and EU's effective) leader has so recklessly drawn 1000s of people to German cities through Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, perhaps these put-upon EU states should be suing Berlin- or at least calling Merkel out on the (plush) carpet in Brussels to pay for all the havoc she's unleashed.

The Germans are trying to show the world how 
they're SO not an evil dictatorship anymore? 

How do they expect to accomplish this- by unilaterally deciding for all the EU to draw these people in -while insanely ignoring ISIS intentions to exploit any such open-door opportunity?

By pushing quotas on all of Europe to accept massive numbers of economic opportunists the Germans have already pulled to The Continent (with no prior debate whatsoever)? Threatening those who refuse to just go-along with it? 
(Maybe they should have some rooms lined-up before they sent out the invitations, huh?)

By Berlin forcing this policy on all with facts-on-the-ground they've created all by themselves? Calling the Hungarians fascists for not laying-down for all this nonsense?

Isn't this similar to how the anti-Democratic EU rammed-through the expanded Constitution- avoiding all debate and any possible citizens' voting that they could? The reasoning is the same: they know people would reject many of the EU's power-grabbing diktats -given the chance- so Brussels makes sure that chance is never given while the back-room 'solution' is set in stone.

Now that European citizens' views have been made irrelevant, Merkel's taken it to another level... she can't even be bothered consulting with the other
27 EU states before deciding Europe's demography for the next 100+ years.

But this truly-misguided woman seems to have overplayed their hand this time: after narrowly averting a Euro currency collapse with the Greeks, the EU's dominant power has promptly turned around and shattered European unity while effectively voiding the open-borders Schengen arrangement, not to mention flooding Germany with as many as 800,000 immigrants just this year.

Even if you look past all the damage the Germans have caused the EU in drawing these people to their own cities, it doesn't really matter if they
'all go to Germany'- because once Ahmed gets set-up with an EU passport,
he can go anywhere he wants within the 28-state block- even countries outside the Schengen zone, like England. 

And for Schengen -a major cornerstone of the EU- to survive, all these other countries are going to have to now allow Germany's new Islamic citizens to come-and-go as they please... something a number of them are clearly not enthused about.

Berlin has forced this on all of Europe, as bad as Obama inviting in all the central American busloads a couple years back- just lured them in surreptitiously without consulting a soul (outside his vile regime). 

THEN if you don't feed, water, and transport thousands of invaders who suddenly appear on your streets -often with incomplete or fraudulent documentation- YOU'RE a Nazi!

I myself was in Germany this summer, and was shocked how (smallish) N├╝rnberg's old-town center was so thoroughly overrun by Muslims and African MEN- sitting around all day, drinking coffee- or gathering in shady-looking groups, scheming, laughing, checking out the blondes and redheads. The only Muslims I saw working were at the now-ubiquitous kebab stands, usually with about 5-10 unemployed buddies hanging out at the tables.

Every rest stop on the Autobahn to France was full of Muslim/African families with either a rental or junky old car -with Iraqi family double-parking me even, you could tell they just got there- completely and totally different feel than even five years ago.

This was before the current invasion even began... if this is what you want Germany, keep it to yourself and enjoy your new 'modern' era. 
Wiser minds there have chosen to resist.

As for the rest of Europe- will the suffering of the Nazi era never cease? Because Europe is now entering yet another era of conquest and destruction, one the Germans surely wouldn't be inflicting upon all the rest if it wasn't for their seemingly-incurable war-shame...

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