22 September 2015

Obama's 3rd, 4th, and 5th Terms: 4 Years of Biden, then Hand-PIcked-by-Obama (Black, Leftist) V.P.
Takes Over, Making Obammunism Permanent

Conveniently, Dear Leader will be right-around-the-corner if either of his disciples need some visionary guidance or a pep-talk...

Far fetched? Obama's certainly got the temerity, and has probably been planning this for quite some time, they're just waiting for the
smoldering remains of the Hillary campaign to stop twitching.
And yes the White House did it.

Now -right on cue- you can see the slow-rollout, with a contemplative
Joe in deep thought (lol).

Personally I consider Biden a complete an utter moron, and a real weak candidate- he won't be able to just laugh his way though the debates this time.

Besides all the gaffes, cheap feels, and previous failed/embarrassing presidential runs, this foreign-affairs 'expert' has been wrong on every major diplomatic/defense issue for 40 years. I've always found it near-impossible to take the man seriously. I can tell when somebody has no idea what they're talking about- 'low-IQ used car salesman' was always my impression.

The Vice President is also the sort of unprincipled bootlicker nobody that schmoozes his way to the top by just stumbling/BSing his way through life. This grinning shyster got (inexplicably) rich knowing nothing, doing nothing, being nothing-- I HATE people like that.

But he's got his following -unions like Slow Joe- hard to say how he'd actually do, but with Hillary in tatters and only hyper-left Sanders with any juice,
seems the Obama endorsement/ground game organization would definitely put Biden in the game.

Alas, Plugs is intended as merely a short-term placeholder for Obama II,
the BHO clone now being prepared as a sequel to the conniving left-wing shitbag currently '#occupy'-ing the White House:
It would be nice to think we will finally be out from under Obama et al. when he leaves office in 486 long days. But we might not be so lucky.
 President Barack Obama has agreed to endorse a presidential campaign by Vice President Joe Biden if he is allowed to pick Biden’s running mate, author and journalist Ed Klein reports. …
Further, Obama wants Biden to choose a black running mate and commit to serving only one term, then throwing his own endorsement to his vice president, Klein writes on his Ed Klein Confidential blog.

Obama reportedly favors former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, one of Obama’s close allies.
 “Obama has already given Biden carte blanche to use Air Force Two, the official vice presidential plane, to crisscross the country and launch an unofficial campaign,” Klein wrote.
Coupe Deval Patrick’s unfortunate election as Governor of Massachusetts was a prototype for the Obama campaign. Both were masterminded by the same leftist, David Axelrod...
There are those who have argued Obama ain't hardly our leader at all-- it's Jarrett too but even more so the loosely-associated world socialist cabal that made him- Soros, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis all played a part in creating Obama and enabling him to do the number on America he's doing today, now working in-concert with Bilderbergers/NWO, etc. 

He's just a racially-stylish talking head with nice teeth that they prepped as face of the revolution. There's certainly an argument to be made there-
and now you can see who they've got warming up in the bullpen-

Deval Patrick, Massachusetts' own 'Worst Governor Ever'

We on the right thought 2010. 2012, then 2014 were the make-or-break,
'most important' election EVAH... then Republicans actually won complete congressional control, yet nothing happened one would describe as 'conservative'. Clearly, the duplicity of the Gee-Oh-Pee establishment is
where the blame lies.

But THIS one -2016- is actually the most vital ever, this time for real:
if we don't beat back the Obama regime's succession/continuation schemes AND crush the GOPe this election cycle we never will... they're colluding against us, and about to weld the door shut.

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