02 November 2015

Jeb Bush Names Campaign Relaunch
After TV Show Starring Repugnant Serial Rapist

Hyper-lame Jeb Bush is reportedly re-launching his presidential primary campaign with a corny 'Jeb Can Fix It' theme which is sure to have the others quaking-in-their-boots (lol). He's also planning to release a new e-book in conjunction with the new messaging that highlights Jeb's time as
governor of Florida...

Trouble is Jeb still doesn't seem to understand that this is an election where 'experience' in government is largely seen as a negative... and only Ted Cruz appears able to project the desirable 'outsider' image while still actually a politician. Nobody is going to give a damn about some drivel re. what a great gub'ner Jeb Bush was... he's been bringing it up in all the debates to massive yawns already. Bush is a lousy candidate in every way, and simply not what voters in any quantity are looking for. 

Another problem would be that the 'he can fix it' theme is eerily similar
-or even borrowed from- the long-running British TV series starring
(thankfully dead) creepy-mass-rapist-of-anything-in-sight Jimmy Savile:
the 'Jim'll Fix It' show was run on the BBC from 1973-1994. Nobody in the Bush campaign even knows this? It was on the air for 20+ years,
although not stateside. An odd, clumsy coincidence at least.

That program was a kind of proto-reality TV thing where viewers mailed in their life's problems and 'Jim' would select the best challenges for the show and attempt to be their savior.

But in reality-reality this guy was a truly appalling monster
(who even raped cadavers in the morgue and children in their hospital beds) that any association with would best be avoided- or so you would think. 

Perhaps most Americans might not make the connection, but to me it shows again how out-of-it all of Team Bush is. Can't they maybe come up with something else? And just because most might not realize it doesn't make it OK... seems somebody probably should have thought the better of it.

The primary bottom-line though is that Jeb's poor ole Poppy probably still can't believe America's current comprehensive rejection of the Bush dynasty...
and none of their long-time allies/donors have the heart to tell GHWB it's all over.

Until it dawns on even the insular Bush 41, expect more ham-handed campaigning from a guy who never even wanted to run in the first place.

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