02 November 2015

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for TED CRUZ Coming
from Some of the Strangest Places...

It's not just Carville anymore...

Eleanor Clift (!): 'Ted Cruz... has a lot of money, has big donors... 
he has a structure that he has put in place. He actually has a plan to
win the presidency- I think he's been underestimated until this debate- 

he even showed a flash of humor. He's the one to watch, 
especially if Trump begins to fade...'

Mary Matalin (Former top political advisor to Bushes 41/43)
'My money right now is on Ted Cruz... I think he speaks to the myriad factions of conservatism: Constitutionalists, Libertarians, the social conservatives... 
he’s whip-smart, as evidenced by his debate appearances, and he’s a true, true, true constitutionalist, and everything’s lining up for him.'

Huffington Post: 'Face It: Ted Cruz Won The Republican Debate'... 
'trounced the outsider candidates'... 'Rubio might have put Jeb Bush 
down for the count, but Cruz denied him access to the 'outsider bloc.' '

Daily Beast: 'Jedi debate skills'

Chris Cillizza @ WaPo: 'Ted Cruz is running the best campaign
of any presidential candidate'

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