25 February 2016

10 Hilarious Anti-Trump Twitter Accounts


Hanksy (NYC) -  'Best of the Worst'

The Trumpbot -  
'He launches into a temper tantrum 
about Donald Trump. What a jerk!'

Melaffluenza Trump - 
'I tired uff hearink about Ted Croos all zee time'

Required reading for Trumpkins

Trump's Hair -
I'm on top of the man who is on top of the world.
Follow me, people.

Sweet Meteor o' Death 2106 -  
'...I won't vote for Trump. Unlike Erickson, 
I will smash thru the Earth's lithosphere at 20 km/sec.'

Trumpadelic - 'Love him or hate him, 
we can't stop tweeting about him. 
(But seriously, you gotta hate him, right?)'

Trumpster Sheep - 
'Trump has destroyed conservatism
and will help elect HRC'

Dump Trump -  
'Educating liberals and misinformed Trump supporters'

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