24 February 2016

Trump Takes Nevada with Aid of Slander, Voter Fraud, Intimidation- and Generous Donations to Harry Reid

And what happens if you hand him a ballot marked for Cruz?

Despite a relentless Trump disinformation campaign again alleging pending 'dirty tricks' from opponents, the truth is that pro-Trump poll workers violated the sprit, intent, and letter of election law in just about any way they thought they could get away last night in Nevada... far too widespread for it not to have been an organized effort. 

Project much, Team Trump? 

The fix is in

Curiously, the SEIU has already come out as Trump supporters
very same union that services all the voting machines in Nevada.

And while political/electoral corruption have a long history in The Silver State, the prevailing mood at last nights' GOP caucuses was one of chaos. Still, the actual dirty tricks were glaringly apparent -including bullying and intimidation- and 99% on the TRUMP side: 
  • often no identification requested nor required
  • poll workers wearing Trump gear
    (illegal within 100 yds of polling place), 
  • goons in Trump hats taking ballots/'counting' votes 
  • some stations running-out of ballots
    (after multiple voting) 
  • loose ballots laying bare on tables 
  • poll workers handing out (Trump) campaign literature
  • people witnessed voting two and three times.
  • 11 names on the ballot, though only 6 still running
  • counting system w/texted ballot photos
  • a 'loophole' possibly allowed Republicans (who had already registered to vote to turn up at a Democratic caucus
    on February 20) to switch parties on-site
  • poll workers in general were overwhelmed and disorganized. Some caucus sites never appeared, sometimes precinct captains no-showed, etc.

Nevada ballot collector in (autographed) Trump lid

Running out of ballots after people receiving multiple ballots.
Workers in Trump gear not checking IDs

Collaborators in Sun Valley 

Like she owns the place


More funny business

Trump palooka taking ballots

Time for Rubio and Cruz to get together on this one- 
the Nevada results need to be tossed

And hey Preibus, you have your issue to clobber Trump with now... VOID the Nevada Caucus results and run it again (along with a clear RNC statement re. who corrupted it in the first place).

Shame on voters of any stripe still supporting vile, mobbed-up Trump-
if this crooked operator is nominated and somehow defeats Hillary
-in defiance of all known polling data- I'm moving to Molassia

Gonna have to, likely already on The List.

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