09 February 2016

Classless Trump Gleefully Echoes Crude Insult
from Crazed Supporter: Ted Cruz is 'a Pussy'

Hey Trumpsters/Breitbart/Drudge... 
talking to you here:

How the hell can you continue to support such a foul-mouthed, disingenuous boor like Donald Trump? For President of the United States of America...

There is nothing so damn special about him that compels you -or anybody- 
to put up with this kind of language, tone, and monumental dishonesty.

He's not a conservative, he's not a good Christian, and he's obviously not even a good role model... the televised, public rallies could be rated R. 
Donald Trump has absolutely no right to talk and act like this- the guy is simply way out of line. 

What kind of president talks like this? 

Everyday Trump takes it yet another notch lower, and you make still more excuses for this pompous jerk because you 'think' he's the 'only one who can save us' and/or he's 'self-funding', implying incorruptible (not true). 

So many still willing to make a shameless narcissist wrecking ball the most powerful man in the world, joining him in slandering a deeply-principled Christian patriot -Ted Cruz- just so they can get their jollies 'voting him off the island' so as to favor the most colorful character. And isn't it fun to feel like 
you were part of something YUGE... and 'won'?

Meanwhile, let's all pile-on Ted Cruz with whatever BS narrative Trump spoon feeds us while we completely and utterly blow the best opportunity to install a true conservative in the White House in a long, long time... madness.

Not only are there other -better- choices available in this primary -at least one- the fact that most will explain-away anything Trump does shows it's largely devolved into a cult, where they refuse to respond to the logic of 'outsiders'. 

Many of Trump's cheering fans -and that's all a lot of them are-
don't care any more about his dubious past than the asinine antics they today glorify as 'strength'. And they're delighted to lynch anybody he tells them to.

What 'leader' of any sort takes such endless cheap shots, makes a point of noting he's better than you at every opportunity- lies all the time, contradicts himself constantly, and cusses in public like a sailor in a hailstorm? 
Has an infantile temper-tantrum and invents wild, far-fetched excuses 
when he loses?

And aren't we just finishing two dreadful terms with the same kind of power-drunk Alinskyite beast that demonizes whomever he feels he needs to...  instead of discussing the issues -or answering questions- honestly? 
The type that underhandedly attempts to disqualify opponents rather than compete in any sort of good-faith way?

Donald Trump was actually a soft 2nd choice for me, up until a few weeks ago... when all my worst suspicions were confirmed- Trump himself had made it clear he was aching to 'go after' Cruz and 'hit back 10x as hard' the minute Ted provided him any sort of excuse. I guess kicking Trump's ass in Iowa provided additional justification in The Donald's vengeful, warped mind.

Other than the violent rhetoric, Trump rallies are starting to resemble 'community organizing' in other ways too, targeting who to 'hate' while energizing and bringing as many low-info types aboard as possible. The most fervent Trumpsters are acting like a bunch of amped-up brownshirts online and at these events.

This Trump is a godless, foul-mouthed pig. Some of you people -if you insist on enabling this wolf-in-sheep's-clothing- should at least demand he up his game and behave like an adult in public, one with maybe a speck of class... 
all the black-n-gold shiny stuff in the world doesn't give you that. 

One feels compelled to question the judgment -and even intelligence- of anybody so willing to speak in such vile terms at a presidential primary rally... there are KIDS in audience Trump, you overrated slob. 

Hating, swearing, going to kill and crush everybody -not gonna take it anymore- rah rah rah. Nuremberg had nothing on you, Donald.

Maybe Sarah or Falwell Jr can offer some fresh excuse for these appalling, un-Christianlike spectacles? Perhaps explain why they endorsed this nut?

Or did they already cash the check and have no reason care anymore?

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